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New Forex Brokers

Why Should You Use New Forex Brokers?

We know that there are a lot of Forex brokers out there online. Some of them are pretty well-established sites. However, we tend to gravitate towards new forex brokers, and there are several good reasons for this. Let us tell you about them on this page.


There Isn’t Much Risk

Many people steer clear of new forex brokers because they believe that there will be a huge amount of risk associated with them. There isn’t. Not if you do your research, at least, you can easy find the best forex brokers for you!

In most countries, any forex broker will need to be licensed. It involves jumping through a lot of hoops, and a lot of cash, to get licensed to operate as a forex broker. No company is going to risk their licence by ‘scamming’ you. Therefore, only work with licensed forex brokers and it really doesn’t matter how new they are. You are protected.

Lower Costs

New forex brokers tend not to have whopping marketing budgets. This is because starting up a new forex broker carries a lot of risk, and these sites often want to keep their expenses as low as possible in order to alleviate the risk a little. These savings are often passed onto you, and that means you will be able to benefit from lower commissions when you make your trades. This means more money in your pocket.

Some of these new sites will also use lower costs as a way in which to pull people into their site and start to trade with them. The costs may go up in the future, but often not by much. This is because these sites really do not want to run the risk of alienating the people who are using their website.

Better Website

If you have ever run a business, then you will know that people tend not to be fans of change. Whenever you make a change to your business, then you will find that you scare away your customers. This is especially true with forex trades. Because forex relies on trades being made within seconds, these sites can’t change their layout too much, because their established users will get confused and disappear.

This is not an issue for new forex brokers. They do not have an established clientele base that they can alienate. This means that when they build their trading platform, they are going to be able to build it ‘in line’ with the latest technology. They are able to make use of features that more established forex trading sites are unable to use. This is going to benefit you, as it often means faster and better-informed trades…which is always brilliant!

Better Bonuses

While the bonuses in the world of forex are not ‘huge’, you will find that newer forex sites will always offer the better bonuses. This is because they find that it is one of the best ways in which they can pull people into their site and start making forex trades with them. After all; people who trade forex are likely in it to earn money, and if they are going to be given free cash just for signing up, then this is always going to be a great start. It means that the risk to them is kept to the absolute minimum, which is always going to be a great thing.

More Information

This sort-of ties into the better website part. We have found that many of the newer forex sites will have a lot more information that people are able to sink their teeth into. This is because they want to educate people, while also boosting their position in the search engines (quality information boosts search engine ranking). This, ultimately, means that you are going to be enjoy better trades. Newer sites tend to be better for those people who may never have dabbled in forex before and just want to make a ton of money in the shortest amount of time.

Mobile Forex

Finally; new forex sites tend to have better mobile trading options too. Since working with forex means that you need to be able to quick trades, it is always great to have a trading system in the palm of your hand. It means you can make money ‘on the go’.