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Welcome to The Trading Mesh! We have been in the forex market for some time. We are always improving and trying to constantly monitor trends and select only the best forex trading brokers. After evaluating more than 50 different criteria, we list only the best and most trusted forex brokers in our list.

Best and Most Trusted Forex Brokers in 2023


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Forex Welcome Bonus

One of the main reasons why people come to our website is because they want to get their hands on a Forex sign up bonus. This part of our site is going to list the best bonuses that we have found.


So, what are these bonuses? Well, as you may know; there are a lot of online forex trading platforms out there. Some of them are better than others. The problem with so many trading platforms is the fact that it is going to be very tough for trading platforms to stand out. Thankfully, the marketing teams are on the case.

Forex trading platforms have worked out that people love money (who doesn’t?), and this means that they have devised a top-notch marketing strategy to pull people in to trade with them. This is to give away cash as a little bit of an ‘incentive’ to sign up and trade with them. It works exceedingly well too. In fact, so well that you will barely find an online forex site which does not have a bonus of some description.

Can You Withdraw Any Money Earned From a Forex Sign up Bonus?

You will be able to, but there are going to be strict terms and conditions attached to it. In most cases, you are just going to be able to withdraw the profit from your trade. In many cases, you will need to play through the profit that you have earned several times before you are able to withdraw from your account.

When we take advantage of a forex sign up bonus, we tend not to see it as a way to earn cash, this is because most of the time you are not going to be earning a single sent on it. Instead, we like to see these bonuses as a way to test out a new trading platform. Sure, they do have demo platforms in place, but it is always good to trade ‘real cash’. After all, the excitement from trading forex is actually making some cash, right?


No Deposit and Deposit-Based Bonuses

One thing that you are going to see a lot in the world of forex will be no deposit bonuses. In fact, it is probably one of the most prevalent forms of bonus that you will find. The terms and conditions are going to be a lot stricter, though. For example; many of the sites which offer a no deposit bonus will say that you can’t use bots to make your trades or anything like that. Every single trade needs to be made manually. They are also going to make it exceedingly difficult to withdraw any cash that you may have earned from your trades.

In other cases, you will need to make a deposit into your account to enjoy a bonus. However, these Forex new trader bonuses tend to be a lot more lucrative. For example; you may find that they offer a ‘matched deposit’ bonus, or maybe a rather substantial fixed deposit bonus when you deposit any amount of cash into your account. Although, of course, you will want to ensure that the site is decent before you deposit money into it, so it is absolutely vital that you check out our forex reviews so you know what you are going to be getting yourself into.

One thing that we have seen pop up quite often is bonuses tied to phone calls. So, you have somebody call you up and they run you through the trading platform. When you have gone through this ‘training program’ (it normally lasts about thirty minutes), you will be given your bonus. We actually love this sort of forex welcome bonus, because you are learning how to trade on the platform. It saves you a whole lot of time.

Loyalty Bonuses

These are not quite as common with forex as they are with other types of bonus online, but they exist. Obviously, the sites only make money when you are trading with them. This means that it is in their best interests to keep you coming back and depositing and trading with them. If you aren’t, then they are not earning that commission. They will lose money.

This means that, from time to time, you may be given special offers designed to pull you back into the world of trading. This means giving you bonus cash which you can use to make trades, or you may be offered a lower amount of commission for a few trades. These sorts of bonuses are going to vary from site to site, so make sure that you do your research here!

Forex Reviews

The bulk of the forex section of our website will be dedicated to forex reviews. We want to help you to navigate through the tough world of best forex brokers. We do not leave a single stone unturned in helping you to find a fantastic place to make your trades. We cover:

  • How easy the platform is to use
  • How much information the platform gives you to make informed trades
  • How quick it is to make your trades
  • The sorts of bonus you will be offered
  • The quality of the customer support in place

forex on mobile

Forex Mobile Trading

We know that many people enjoy doing mobile trading nowadays. The problem is that there are not a lot of sites which offer proper ‘mobile trading’. One of our goals when we were putting together this site was to come up with a list of some of the mobile trading platforms out there. This means sites that allow you to make trades quickly and easily, while also charging a low amount of commission. As you go through the forex reviews on this site, you will notice that we tend to prefer some mobile trading platforms over others one out there.