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News: Algo-Logic Systems Launches 40Gbps TCP Endpoint on ReFLEX XpressGX5-LP FPGA Board

1042 days ago,(2015/07/16) - Algo-Logic

News: BittWare Announces New FPGA Development Kit for Altera FPGA Boards

1064 days ago,(2015/06/24) - BittWare

News: BittWare Releases Second Low-profile PCIe Board Platform Based on Altera's Arria V GZ FPGA with Dual SFP+ Cages

1147 days ago,(2015/04/02) - BittWare

News: Algo-Logic Systems Launches Datacenter Rack Solutions with Scalable Search and Switch for 10G/40G/100G Networks

1267 days ago,(2014/12/03) - Algo-Logic

News: Altera Announces Immediate Availability of Next-generation, Non-volatile MAX 10 FPGAs and Evaluation Kits

1329 days ago,(2014/10/02) - Altera

News: NovaSparks Unveils Novatick

1343 days ago,(2014/09/18) - NovaSparks

News: Altera Releases Quartus II Software Arria 10 Edition v14.0

1373 days ago,(2014/08/19) - Altera

News: Algo-Logic Systems Launches Ultra-Low-Latency Highly Scalable Key/Value Search (KVS) Solution for Datacenters

1400 days ago,(2014/07/23) - Algo-Logic

News: BittWare Releases Low-profile PCIe Board Based on Altera's Arria V FPGA with Dual 40Gig or Octal 10Gig Ports

1422 days ago,(2014/07/01) - BittWare

News: Altera and Lime Microsystems Team Up to Accelerate and Simplify the Development of Wireless Networks

1436 days ago,(2014/06/17) - Altera

News: BittWare Announces Board Family Based on Altera's Arria 10 FPGAs and SoCs

1454 days ago,(2014/05/30) - BittWare

News: Gunslinger HFT System Achieves 750ns Event-Detection-to-Trade Latency using Solarflare AOE with Altera Stratix FPGA

1540 days ago,(2014/03/05) - Mercury Minerva

News: BittWare and PLDA Partner to Deliver 10G Low Latency TCP Offload, UDP and PCIe IP Cores on Altera Stratix-based Hardware

1629 days ago,(2013/12/06) - BittWare

News: BittWare Expands OpenCL Support for Altera Stratix V FPGAs

1645 days ago,(2013/11/20) - BittWare

News: BittWare Announces New Altera Stratix V GX/GS PCI Express Board

1665 days ago,(2013/10/31) - BittWare

News: New Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA VC709 Connectivity Kit Accelerates Design Productivity for High-Bandwidth Applications

1686 days ago,(2013/10/10) - Xilinx

News: BittWare Announces the TeraBox Computing Platform with Sixteen Altera Stratix V FPGAs Totaling 20 TeraFLOPS of Processing

1716 days ago,(2013/09/10) - BittWare

News: Algo-Logic Systems 3rd Generation TCP Endpoint Achieves Ultra-low-latency of 76-nanoseconds on Stratix V FPGA

1762 days ago,(2013/07/26) - Algo-Logic

News: Altera Announces Breakthrough Advantages with Generation 10

1806 days ago,(2013/06/12) - Altera

News: Altera to Build Next-Generation, High-Performance FPGAs on Intels 14 nm Tri-Gate Technology

1912 days ago,(2013/02/26) - Altera

News: Impulse C Integration to Solarflare AOE Programmable NIC Shortens Development Time

1932 days ago,(2013/02/06) - Impulse Accelerated Technologies

News: BittWare Announces Special Pricing for Altera Stratix V FPGA PCI Express Board for OpenCL Development

1955 days ago,(2013/01/14) - BittWare

News: Polybus Integrates QDR Infiniband IP Cores onto BittWare's Altera Stratix(R) V PCIe COTS Boards

2015 days ago,(2012/11/15) - BittWare

News: BittWare Announces Altera OpenCL Support on Half-length Stratix V PCIe Board

2025 days ago,(2012/11/05) - BittWare

News: Altera Announces Industrys First FPGA Support for OpenCL Eases the Adoption of FPGAs for Accelerating Heterogeneous Systems

2025 days ago,(2012/11/05) - Altera

News: Altera Delivers Industrys Broadest Portfolio of 28 nm FPGA Development Kits

2060 days ago,(2012/10/01) - Altera

News: Intilop to Exhibit New TCP Offload Engine at HPC Wall Street

2073 days ago,(2012/09/18) - Intilop

News: BittWare's Newest Stratix V FPGA Board Now Available for High Frequency Trading Applications

2086 days ago,(2012/09/05) - BittWare

News: Altera Previews Productivity Benefits of OpenCL for FPGAs Through Early Access Program

2094 days ago,(2012/08/28) - Altera

News: Alteras OpenCL for FPGAs Program Delivers Dramatic Reductions in Development Times for Early Customers

2234 days ago,(2012/04/10) - Altera

News: BittWare Announces North American Distribution Agreement with Arrow Electronics

2238 days ago,(2012/04/06) - BittWare

News: Altera Selects Symmetricom as its Synchronization Technology Partner

2277 days ago,(2012/02/27) - Symmetricom

News: Faster Technology Launches Official YouTube Channel Featuring FPGA Videos

2290 days ago,(2012/02/14) - Faster Technology

News: Mantaro Announces the Lowest Latency 10G Ethernet FPGA IP Solution

2290 days ago,(2012/02/14) - Mantaro

News: TTTech Joins Xilinx Alliance Program - Developing Certifiable ARINC 664 and TTEthernet FPGA Solutions

2318 days ago,(2012/01/17) - TTTech

News: TTTech Joins Xilinx Alliance Program - Developing Certifiable ARINC 664 and TTEthernet FPGA Solutions

2319 days ago,(2012/01/16) - High Frequency Traders