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The Trading Mesh

Why Nanosecond Precision is Needed in High Performance Trading

In this interview, we talk to Dan Joe Barry, Vice President of Marketing at Napatech, about why firms are having to raise the bar in terms of timing precision and accuracy as they go from 1 Gbps networks to 10, 40 and 100 Gbps, and why microsecond accuracy is not going to cut it any more. Dan Joe also discusses:

- What kind of methods currently exist for precision time-stamping and synchronisation (and just how accurate are they)?
- Issues around Network Time Protocol (NTP) in software
- How to smoothly get back to accurate time if a GPS signal is lost

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The FIX Inter-Party Latency Working Group

In this interview with Henry Young, CEO at TS-Associates plc and Raymond Russell (left), CTO at Corvil, Ltd., two of the guiding lights behind the FIX Inter-Party Latency Working Group, they discuss:

- Why developing a new standard around latency measurement is critical to the industry
- Where the demand for Inter-Party Latency is coming from
- What is involved in adopting the standard and the timescales for the release of v1.0
- How IPL will help firms make active use of latency data within trading & execution algorithms
- How the IPL standard is expected to evolve 

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Beyond Latency: Utilizing Ultra Accurate Network Timing in HFT Systems

In this interview with Paul Rushton, Managing Director at Korusys, he talks about why delivering highly accurate timing and synchronization to High Frequency Trading systems is so important for both trading performance and latency measurement. He discusses:

- Where things currently stand with technology around network timing
- The critical things to know about PTP
- Delivering accurate time the "last mile" into HFT systems
- How to synchronize time accurately across longer distances

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Network Timing Accuracy in Electronic Markets

In this interview with Charles Barry, PhD and Senior Director of Engineering at Juniper Networks, he discusses why recent advances in network timing and clock synchronization are of increasing importance in the world of computer-based trading. He addresses:

- Why network timing and synchronization matters to the HFT community
- Key issues and challenges around synchronisation of network elements
- Pros and cons of different approaches
- What can trading venues do to ensure they follow latest best practices?

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Implementing High Precision Timekeeping for Network Analysis

Time-stamping and time synchronization is now required knowledge for developers of high performance network monitoring and analysis appliances. This white paper introduces the key fundamentals with a review of technology choices and testing scenarios.

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Precise Sub-Microsecond Timing Solution Delivered for High Frequency Trading

This Case Study provides details of how Spectracom helped a HFT infrastructure firm improve the quality of its time synchronization, enabling the firm to easily distribute time to multiple networks simultaneously and achieve sub-microsecond synchronization.

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Delivering Sub-Microsecond Accurate Time to Linux Applications Around the World

This white paper from Symmetricom explores the challenges in delivering sub-microsecond accurate time to a Linux program, and presents IEEE 1588 Precise Time Protocol (PTP) solutions and test data showing how to overcome those challenges.

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