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Verne Global wrote a new blog post titled Round Table Report: Do Good to Do Better

November 2017. The Realization Group and Verne Global hosted a round table discussing 'How a focus on ESG can improve financial performance as well as the climate'. The data to independently verify the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of businesses it still in its early stages. But advances in technology will make a clear link between a focus on ESG and improved financial results, as well as an improved climate, according to speakers at a Verne Global round table. How will the USA pulling out of the Paris Climate Change agreement affect the move to sustainable business...
(53 days ago,(2017/11/28))

Verne Global wrote a new blog post titled Profitable investing while saving the planet, the ultimate win-win

Written by Adam Nethersole, Senior Director of Marketing at Verne Global Victor Kiam, the entrepreneur who made his fortune from Remington, was famous for his appearances in the adverts for the company’s electric razors in which he said, "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company”.  I didn’t buy Verne Global but after spotting a billboard for the world’s leading green data center, in 2013 I did end up joining the company. What attracted me was that Verne Global really had put sustainability at the heart of its business model. The data center is located in...
(53 days ago,(2017/11/28))

Verne Global wrote a new blog post titled Roundtable Report - Fine-tuning the performance of HPC for financial services

By Stef Weegels, Global Director of Sales, Verne Global   Last month a roundtable hosted by the Realization Group and Verne Global, saw a group of industry experts – including lead participants from NVIDIA, Numerical Algorithms Group, bigxyt and the National Physical Laboratory - pick out the key issues that finance needs to address in order to fully realise the value of high performance computing (HPC). HPC used to enhance the performance of solutions with a heavy compute component, has a long legacy within industry. Today, its potential within...
(166 days ago,(2017/08/07))


News: Colt Expands Nordic PrizmNet Footprint, Leveraging Verne Global’s Strategic Location as a Gateway to Key Financial Markets

117 days ago,(2017/09/25) - Verne Global

News: TNS Financial Solutions Now Available In Verne Global’s Icelandic Data Center

207 days ago,(2017/06/27) - Verne Global

News: BT Radianz Services now available in Verne Global’s Icelandic data center

270 days ago,(2017/04/25) - Verne Global