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Velocimetrics wrote a new blog post titled Assessing market data quality: Taking it to the next level

  By Shimrit Or, Senior Professional Services Consultant, Velocimetrics  Assessing market data quality often splits into two levels.  At a basic level there is examining the quality of the channel itself, by which I mean looking at information to determine, for instance: • What amount of bandwidth is my market data consuming? • Am I experiencing microbursts? • Do I have sequence gaps? • Am I missing packets?  Answering these questions allows us to determine whether the channel is healthy.  Then you’ve got market data assessment that...
(1131 days ago,(2016/02/17))

Velocimetrics wrote a new blog post titled MiFID II: Clock synchronisation and meeting the divergence challenge

By Adam Woolhouse, Head of Sales, Trading Systems, EMEA and APAC at Velocimetrics Ltd   MiFID II will introduce the requirement for trading venues, their members and participants to synchronise the business clocks used to record the date and time of reportable events to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). According to the latest regulatory technical standards, published in September, for this information to be valuable, these parties will need to adhere to a maximum divergence from UTC. The degree of maximum divergence varies for trading venues based on their trading systems’...
(1203 days ago,(2015/12/07))

Velocimetrics wrote a new blog post titled MiFID II: Clock Synchronisation and the performance visibility benefits standardisation could deliver

By Adam Woolhouse, Head of Sales, Trading Systems, EMEA and APAC at Velocimetrics Ltd   In late September, the most recent MiFID II guidance, detailing the proposed technical standards, hit the shelves.  Amongst the many pages that comprise this much-anticipated tome, is a section dedicated to explaining the levels of accuracy that business clocks used to record the timings of reportable events will need to achieve (but considering this section is roughly 500 pages in, you’d be easily forgiven if your caffeine and concentration levels had given up the ghost much earlier)....
(1241 days ago,(2015/10/30))


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