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Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Taking the risk out of risk infrastructure

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had many discussions with my colleagues in the banking sector and it’s clear that regulations are continuously driving the need for firms to perform more compressive risk controls. Bank stress testing has become more onerous since the US Federal Reserve introduced the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR). In Europe, MiFID II and MiFIR will increase the number of risk controls that firms across the industry will need to run. And in 2019, the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) will have a profound impact on how banks must...
(16 days ago,(2017/05/09))

Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Post Event Report - Building the Future of Finance with AI and Machine Learning

Post event report by Stef Weegels on the Verne Global and Realization Group “Building the Future of Finance” roundtable, held at the SAS Innovation Lab, London 16 March 2017   Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and depends on effective data and computing power, but the case for harnessing the technology in financial services is growing rapidly, according to speakers at a Verne Global roundtable.   What is the precise difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and rules-based systems? How must data and compute power be optimised to exploit the...
(49 days ago,(2017/04/06))

Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Grasping opportunity in an uncertain world

If 2016 taught us anything, it was to expect the unexpected. As financial markets participants look to 2017 and beyond, perhaps the key lesson is to remember the importance of retaining operational flexibility. Responding quickly and effectively to both opportunity and challenge has always been critical to success in the financial markets, but perhaps never before has technology infrastructure played such a large part.   One area that is helping firms to handle complexity and uncertainty is so-called big data. Our ability to collect, store, analyse and interpret data is growing...
(124 days ago,(2017/01/20))