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Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Safe, Secure and Certain: Why Iceland’s Regulatory Regime Excels

Written by Stef Weegels - Verne Global's Director of Sales and heads up the company's work within Financial Services and Capital Markets. In the fifth part of my series on the benefits of Iceland as a strategic data center hub, I examine Iceland’s regulatory status, the strength of its data protection laws and why Brexit uncertainty is further boosting the country’s status as an alternative to London.For modern financial services firms today, being fully compliant with global rules is a vital consideration when choosing a data center location. As a member of the European Economic...
(29 days ago,(2017/09/18))

Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Iceland’s globally unique green credentials

In the final blog of my series on Iceland’s status as a hosting location of choice, I look at Iceland’s unrivalled 100% green energy profile, the regulatory demand for greater corporate social responsibility and how even environmental factors can help reduce costs for firms.When evaluating a location’s key benefits as a strategic data center, its green profile may not seem to be the most obvious point of consideration. However, not only is an ability to demonstrate corporate social responsibility in terms of energy usage now firmly on the regulatory radar, but the business...
(34 days ago,(2017/09/13))

Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled How are you responding to today’s data management challenges?

By Stef Weegels, Verne Global Regulatory change is driving a fundamental shift in how banks and brokers organise their data management processes and supporting infrastructures. The writing has been on the wall for pure-play, in-house approaches for some time, but now the demands of the post-crisis regulatory framework make the evidence in favour of hybrid strategies impossible to ignore. In the aftermath of a new risk reporting and aggregation framework under BCBS 239, stress tests set by central banks, and the capital and liquidity restraints of Basel III, banks and brokers face further...
(55 days ago,(2017/08/23))