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Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Financial firms gain agility with High Performance Computing-as-a-Service

By Stef Weegels Today’s financial firms rely heavily on data and technology in all aspects of their business. And in areas such as derivatives pricing, risk analytics, quantitative modelling, portfolio optimisation and bank stress-testing, the use of high performance computing (HPC) to rapidly perform highly complex calculations on large data sets is becoming increasingly prevalent. HPC is now being applied to an ever wider range of use cases. In recent years one of the most important has been around regulatory compliance. In particular, banks are now required to have strong...
(380 days ago,(2018/01/05))

Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Event report: AI and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management

In November 2017, Verne Global, together with the Professional Risk Managers International Association and The Realization Group, hosted a fascinating event covering Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management, attended by over 70 industry professionals. Going beyond the five V’s of Big Data The event kicked off with Dr Oliver Maspfuhl of Group Credit Risk & Capital Management at Commerzbank AG. Dr. Maspfuhl discussed Big Data as “A Way Forward in Risk Management”. His view is that in order to use AI effectively in these types of...
(380 days ago,(2018/01/05))

Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Round Table Report: Using Deep Learning Models in Real Time

Verne Global and Realization Group held a roundtable at the Trading Show in New York  on the 3 October 2017, discussing “Using Deep Learning Models in Real Time”. Putting artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to work parsing financial securities industry data is a taller order, as data management experts made clear in a roundtable discussion of technology and modeling challenges within AI and deep learning, led by Stef Weegels, Business Development Director at Verne Global and Yam Peleg, founder of Deep Trading, at The Trading Show in New York on October...
(418 days ago,(2017/11/28))