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Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Round Table Report: Using Deep Learning Models in Real Time

Verne Global and Realization Group held a roundtable at the Trading Show in New York  on the 3 October 2017, discussing “Using Deep Learning Models in Real Time”. Putting artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to work parsing financial securities industry data is a taller order, as data management experts made clear in a roundtable discussion of technology and modeling challenges within AI and deep learning, led by Stef Weegels, Business Development Director at Verne Global and Yam Peleg, founder of Deep Trading, at The Trading Show in New York on October...
(18 days ago,(2017/11/28))

Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Round Table Report: Responding to the RegTech data management challenge

Verne Global and Realization Group held a roundtable event on the 19 September 2017 discussing  “Responding to the RegTech Data Management Challenge”. Regulation is imposing risk measures upon banks that make specific demands upon the data they own. For a long time the data within banks has been influential but unmeasured, akin to the firing of brain cells driving human consciousness. With external demands requiring a more precise alignment of cause and effect, banks are having to analyse and rebuild their regulatory technology (RegTech) infrastructure to ensure it fulfils...
(18 days ago,(2017/11/28))

Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Accelerating Deep Learning Through Cost-Effective Infrastructure

Exploiting deep learning opportunities in finance could turn out to be very costly, but firms could get better results by tapping specialist data centers. Sound and effective training lies at the heart of any successful business venture. To be sustainable and cost-efficient in the long run, companies need the right systems and processes in place to recruit the best staff and train them up so that they meet their objectives and remain motivated. The successful evolution of deep learning in the financial services sector rests on a similar logic - machines must be connected to the right...
(53 days ago,(2017/10/24))