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Simon Vincent wrote a new blog post titled To boost your bottom line, the key is to start in the middle

By Simon Vincent, Software AG Banks and other financial trading firms are under constant pressure to improve their bottom lines. The pressure often is felt most acutely in terms of a focus on operational efficiencies, which only stands to reason as technological progress offers firms the scope to do more with less. But where should those efficiencies come from and how should firms approach the matter? If we think in terms of front, middle and back office operations, a compelling case can be made for focusing on the middle. Too often firms see technology as a magic wand which, once waved,...
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Simon Vincent wrote a new blog post titled “Dad, are you better than a robot?”

In London this week, many young people who are leaving school have been doing their work experience. Exams finished, their enthusiasm, momentum and keen intellect are being turned to real-world problems. Hence the discussion I witnessed on a train leaving the City the other day. A lad of 16 or more years turned to his dad and said: “I am amazed at the amount duplication of work that goes on at your firm.” His dad looked back with an enquiring eyebrow. “I would have thought that things would have been a lot more automated,” the young man continued. “Surely...
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