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Short Description: Candyce is the founder and CEO of PropelGrowth. She brings more than 25 years of experience in managing technology companies and founded four companies prior to PropelGrowth. For the past 16 years, Candyce has focused exclusively in the capital markets industry, launching two financial technology companies and now running a marketing consultancy supporting financial technology providers.

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Candyce Edelen wrote a new blog post titled Blockchain in Financial Services: Six Real-World Pilots

By Candyce EdelenThis article first appeared on the PropelGrowthBlog and is reproduced here with permission Blockchain is a technology that creates a distributed ledger. Originally developed to facilitate Bitcoin transactions, many in financial services view it as a technology that could revolutionize transaction processing. It can represent a universal truth as it makes ledgers transparent, trustworthy and efficient. According to Larry Tabb, “The interest in blockchain from the financial community has been tremendous. The thought of decentralized trust, greater transactional...
(923 days ago,(2016/03/17))

Candyce Edelen wrote a new blog post titled Do HFTs Increase Liquidity or Just Volume?

by Candyce Edelen   On Monday, the TabbFORUM hosted “The Market Structure R[e]volution” conference. Congratulations to the Tabb team for an excellent program! The first panel dove into issues around the flash crash and high frequency trading (HFT). Here are some of my thoughts on the panel discussion. Do we need new obligations for the new breed of “market makers”?Last year’s flash crash magnified problems with US market structure. While many pundits pointed fingers at the HFT firms for pulling liquidity during the crash, the panel made the...
(1751 days ago,(2013/12/09))

Candyce Edelen wrote a new blog post titled Cross-Asset Trading #005 (Part 1)

by Candyce Edelen   In this installment of the TrendSpotters Thought Leadership Series, we consider the evolution of cross-asset trading, how the industry is changing, and the drivers behind these changes. Joining me are Harry Gozlan, CEO and Founder of smartTrade, and Greg Wood, Futures Business Development Manager at Credit Suisse’s Advanced Execution Services. Because of the complexity of this topic, we’ve segmented this episode into two parts. This post contains part 1. My interview with Harry and Greg was fascinating. They stand at the forefront...
(1752 days ago,(2013/12/09))


Candyce Edelen brings more than twenty-five years of experience in launching and managing technology companies and founded four companies prior to PropelGrowth.  She has a background in product and company launches, developing successful go-to-market strategies and leading sales, marketing, and delivery teams. Candyce focuses on best practices for complex sales processes and integrating sales and marketing. She also has a background in sales training and trained more than 1500 sales reps in solution sales processes. She also has expertise in aligning marketing and sales with customer buying cycles to maximize close rates for complex sales.

For the past sixteen years, Candyce has focused exclusively in the capital markets industry, launching two financial technology companies. She was a co-founder and President of Kaskad Technology, which provided complex event processing technology for compliance, algorithmic trading, risk management and fraud detection. Prior to founding Kaskad, Candyce co-founded Selero (formerly IBSN). Selero provided direct market access, smart order routing, compliance, and integration technology for the financial services industry.

Candyce and her PropelGrowth team help financial technology providers refine their sales and marketing strategy to increase revenue and drive organic growth. The team guides companies in buyer research, messaging, content marketing, lead nurturing, and accelerating the sales process.