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Brief description: CEO of Baymarkets

Joined: November 4th, 2013


Peter Fredriksson wrote a new blog post titled FIX Nordic Trading Briefing 2018: Evaluating Change and Finding Opportunities

The past twelve months have witnessed some of the most significant changes ever to take place within the Nordic financial markets, with many key market dynamics having altered in the process. As such, the return of the FIX Trading Community Nordic Trading Briefing, now in its 9th year, was a highly-anticipated event on the calendar for many in the industry, myself included.   This year’s excellent opening address was delivered by Kerstin Hermansson, Managing Director of the Swedish Securities Dealers’ Association (SSDA). Kerstin has led the association since 2006...
(195 days ago,(2018/11/08))

Peter Fredriksson wrote a new blog post titled What to expect at the FIX Nordic Trading Briefing

By Peter Fredriksson, Chairman og Baymarkets AS, Norway    The 9th FIX Trading Community Nordic Trading Briefing is just around the corner and this year’s conference promises to live up to the event’s reputation for stimulating and informative discussion, with a Nordic twist.  MiFID II is on everyone’s minds and we’ll be looking at what market participants need to know to thrive in a post-MiFID II environment. But the event covers much more than that, with a wide array of issues from technology and the cloud, to commodities and clearing. A great...
(243 days ago,(2018/09/21))

Peter Fredriksson wrote a new blog post titled Clearing without a guarantee fund?

The need to provide a guarantee fund has long been a deal-breaker for frontier and emerging financial markets, given the sizeable investment required to create one. New approaches however, are allowing operators of these markets to implement the necessary clearing functionalities without having to put such a guarantee fund in place.   The “CCP-light” model Recent developments in clearing applications now provide rich functionality such as real-time risk calculations and cross-asset margining via low-cost delivery models, allowing an entity to act as a settlement...
(243 days ago,(2018/09/21))

About me:

Peter has an extensive background in the financial markets. Prior to co-founding Baymarkets, Peter was CEO of Cscreen Ltd. the successful OTC equity derivatives platform now owned by NYSE Euronext. Previously sales director of Cinnober AB, Peter has many years of experience dealing with exchange systems clients such as CBOE, the American Stock Exchange, LME and others. In 1989 Peter founded Risk Management Systems (RMS) a financial analysis and markets databases system vendor. In 1997 RMS was acquired by OM Group where Peter continued as MD. Peter has also been a broker at Dean Witter Reynolds specializing in derivatives on fixed income and metals.