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Brief description: Head of Product and Strategy, EMEA Vela Trading Technologies

Joined: February 24th, 2017


Ollie Cadman wrote a new blog post titled As multi-asset trading takes off, trading systems need to keep pace

By Ollie Cadman - Head of Business Operations at Vela You don’t need to look far for reasons why multi-asset trading is on the rise. Asset managers remain engaged in a protracted “hunt for yield” as global interest rates, despite recent rises, are at historically low levels. Trading volumes in Asia are climbing as markets look to reflect the region’s growing economic clout. Regulatory reform is forcing more financial innovation in terms of derivatives trading. And exchanges worldwide are expanding their footprints to cater to traders and investors outside...
(55 days ago,(2018/05/25))

Ollie Cadman wrote a new blog post titled When Dark Pools Go Dark

By Ollie Cadman, Head of Business Operations Vela Trading volume is rapidly shifting from dark pools to block trading venues under MiFID II, so market participants need technology to access multiple platforms. It is less than three months since the recast Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) came into effect and European markets are already changing. New block trading venues that had been slowly ramping up in recent years have now been fully unleashed, gaining traction as dark trading is curbed under the MiFID II regime. Double Volume Caps The double volume cap (DVC),...
(101 days ago,(2018/04/09))

Ollie Cadman wrote a new blog post titled Navigating Systematic Internalisation

Liquidity in Europe is to be rerouted under MiFID II, as the business model of broker crossing networks (BCNs) is being overhauled and more OTC equity volume is being brought under pre-trade transparency rules due to the revised Systematic Internaliser (SI) regime. Tracking liquidity in the transformed landscape will be challenging; firms will need to consider how well their existing market access and order-routing options can continue to provide access and meet best execution obligations in what is expected to be a more fragmented market place after 3 January 2018. At present BCNs represent...
(300 days ago,(2017/09/22))