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Mike O'Hara wrote a new blog post titled Navigating the new market landscape: it all starts with the data

This blog originally appeared on the Napatech website and is reproduced here with permission   In the world of fin tech, data capture has never exactly been the sexiest area of development.   That title tended to be reserved for areas such as low latency solutions, analytics, or even risk management. But as market participants ready themselves for a new wave of trading rules, and as competition among cutting edge trading firms has shown no sign of abating, the importance of data capture has taken on much greater significance.   Whether a firm wants to optimise trading...
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Mike O'Hara 2169 days ago,(2012/03/16)          


Mike O'Hara 2169 days ago,(2012/03/16)          


Mike O'Hara 2169 days ago,(2012/03/16)