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The Trading Mesh

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Brief description: APAC FSI Sales at Telstra International Group

Joined: May 15th, 2017


Mark Hall wrote a new blog post titled Building bridges to the future

Few industries have pivoted towards digital transformation like financial services. Capital market firms routinely deploy automated high frequency trading models, insurers are using advanced data analytics to provide more personalised policies, and established retail banks have embraced mobile technologies as a way to deliver better customer experiences and target new demographics. This strategic shift has been driven by the threat of competition from non-traditional players including pure digital ‘neo banks’, new peer-to-peer lending platforms and ‘tech-first’...
(328 days ago,(2018/02/26))

Mark Hall wrote a new blog post titled Hybrid IT for Financial Services

It’s fair to say that banks and other financial institutions did not take to the cloud with quite the same enthusiasm as firms in other sectors. This is beginning to change for a variety of reasons, but the past preferences of finance sector firms will continue to guide to their present and future priorities. The promise of cloud computing offers the access to a fast-evolving array of IT capabilities and services, typically providing scale, speed and power in the processing, storage and analysis of data on a cost-effective basis. But for the financial services sector, the combination...
(615 days ago,(2017/05/15))