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GMEX Group wrote a new blog post titled Using the GMEX IRS CMF to Hedge a Bond Position

By VJ Angelo, Chief Strategy Officer of GMEX ExchangeThis article was originally published at The OTC Space and is reproduced here with permission    Introduction With the launch of the GMEX Interest Rate Swap Constant Maturity Future (IRS CMF) on GMEX Exchange as of 7thAugust 2015, this article provides an example of how the contract can be used by an asset manager to hedge a physical bond position. This is the first in a series of articles providing a range of worked examples of how the IRS CMF can be used as an interest-rate hedging tool. The GMEX IRS CMF The concept behind...
(858 days ago,(2015/08/07))

GMEX Group uploaded a media item titled GMEX Corporate Group Structure (1555 days ago,(2013/09/09))

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News: GMEX signs collaboration agreement with CGanga to launch a Biomass Exchange in India

4 days ago,(2017/12/08) - GMEX Group

News: Vietnam’s first derivatives market and clearing house goes live in partnership with GMEX Group

124 days ago,(2017/08/10) - GMEX Group

News: Midclear selects GMEX Group to deliver Derivatives CCP for Lebanon

160 days ago,(2017/07/05) - GMEX Group

News: GMEX Group places Mauritius IFC at heart of global expansion plan

188 days ago,(2017/06/07) - GMEX Group

News: Codel partners with GMEX to deliver a paradigm shift for commodity trading

202 days ago,(2017/05/24) - GMEX Group


GMEX Corporate Group Structure

GMEX Group 1555 days ago,(2013/09/09)