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Short Description: Leaders in transparency and efficient trading

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FIX Flyer wrote a new blog post titled Round Table Report – Is FIX Moving to the Cloud?

Discussion hosted by The Realization Group, led by FIX Flyer, Digital Realty and Bridline, 17th June 2015     Why do firms continue to do things in complicated and expensive ways, when there are easier, cheaper and possibly more prudent approaches they can take? They must have some very good reasons. Otherwise they’d have be doing things differently by now, wouldn’t they?    There are undoubtedly some good reasons why buy-side and sell-side firms are still settling for complicated and expensive ways of using the FIX messaging protocol to connect to and...
(1262 days ago,(2015/08/07))

FIX Flyer has created the product Flyer Trading Network (1342 days ago,(2015/05/19))

FIX Flyer uploaded a media item titled Flyer Online OMS to the group Flyer Online OMS (1342 days ago,(2015/05/19))


With over 120 clients worldwide, FIX Flyer develops advanced technology for managing complex, multi–asset, institutional securities trading using highly scalable software and network technologies. Clients include UBS, Barclays, Berenberg Bank, GBM, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan.

FIX Flyer provides the high performance Flyer Formula One risk gateway; Managed FIX services; the Daytona monitor; the Ignition regression testing and certification tool; and the Flyer Online Web-based order management system for multi-asset trading.

The Flyer Engine is the first enterprise FIX server designed to manage high volume, ultra low latency exchanges, trading networks and dark pools, easily scaling to thousands of connections.
FIX Flyer hosts and partners with Equinix, the leading global provider of network–neutral data center. FIX Flyer is also an IBM Business Partner with real world experience on the Power platform. FIX Flyer has headquarters in New York City with offices in Boston and Hyderabad, India. 

Visit for company information and to request a free demonstration.
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News: FIX Flyer and MathWorks integrate access to FIX-enabled trading systems

1201 days ago,(2015/10/07) - FIX Flyer

News: FIX Flyer integrates ZeroGC, Groovy, Java 8 and Latency Metrics Dashboard into upgraded product suite

1227 days ago,(2015/09/11) - FIX Flyer

News: MexDer unleashes FIX Flyer as Risk Control Gateway Technology Provider

1311 days ago,(2015/06/19) - FIX Flyer


Flyer Online OMS

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FIX Flyer Electronic Trading Tools

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Managed FIX Service

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