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Short Description: Hardware Acceleration Experts

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Enyx wrote a new blog post titled Adopting the Right Approach to FPGA Implementation

An Interview with Arnaud Derasse & Laurent de Barry, Enyx (11th February 2013)    Sponsored by Enyx (   FPGA technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the financial trading ecosystem, as firms look to do more and more on hardware, running applications at “wire level” to reduce latency.   One supplier that is helping firms to achieve ultra-fast, deterministic throughput at various points in the trading chain, is Paris-based Enyx, specialists in FPGA hardware acceleration solutions for financial trading.   We spoke to Enyx...
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Enyx is a leading developer and provider of proprietary ultra-low latency technology and solutions preliminary focused on trading. Enyx’s core value is to design products in order to deliver the next generation of cutting-edge technology, while maintaining accessibility and flexibility. Enyx offers hardware IP blocks compatible with FPGA platforms, aids in its integration and deployment as part of customized projects, as well as providing off-the-shelf solutions. Currently, these solutions are focused on market data acquisition from multiple and concurrent heterogeneous sources, normalization of the feed before its distribution, and order routing. Among our clients are stock markets, market data vendors, investment banks, brokers and investment funds.  

Our hardware and technical coverage:

  • Ultra low-latency network infrastructure
  • Hardware market data handling and processing
  • Enyx technologies integrated with customized FPGA platforms
  • Audit and consulting services for hardware optimization projects - Professional Services

For more information about Enyx, please feel free to e-mail us at



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Enyx quote 5

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Enyx quote 4

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