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Coman Hamilton wrote a new blog post titled In finance, technology is a second-class citizen

  This interview with Dr Jamie Allsop was originally published by   In spite of its central role in banking, many financial employers see IT as a “necessary evil”, says former NYSE programmer and director Dr. Jamie Allsop.   JAXenter: Can you tell us a bit about what has changed for programmers in finance since the financial crisis?   Jamie Allsop: I think the biggest change since the financial crisis is probably that programmers are much more aware of the regulations governing the areas in which they work. It is also probably...
(1390 days ago,(2015/03/27))

Coman Hamilton wrote a new blog post titled Banks “pay 33% to 50% more” in developer salaries

  This interview with Peter Lawrey was originally published by   Finance may be a “dry subject”, says HFT programmer Peter Lawrey, but it’s never bad to work for an employer that has money. Stack Overflow’s most active Java commenter explains what it’s like to work in high frequency trading and banking.   How did you end up programming in high frequency trading. Is it your range of skills that got you there, or a clear interest?   An interest in low latency coding, a background in working for finance, breadth of knowledge...
(1398 days ago,(2015/03/19))

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Before becoming Editor of (S&S Media Group), Coman completed an M.A. in Cultural Studies and wrote for numerous websites and magazines, as well as several ad agencies.