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Carlo Alberto De Casa wrote a new blog post titled India and Gold – A special relationship

Of all the precious metals, gold is continually proven to be the most popular for investors. It is often seen as the safe-haven commodity, where investors can run to in times of economic or global uncertainty. More practically, it is revered for its hedging properties, a way for investors to diversify their portfolio risk through future contracts or derivatives.  The yellow metals unique complexity is how it combines the features of both a currency and a commodity. In many ways it operates more like a monetary asset despite its obvious tangible and real value. Yet, unlike other...
(354 days ago,(2017/10/30))

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Carlo Alberto De Casa, Chief Analyst at ActivTrades and Technical Analyst for La Stampa. Carlo provides regular commentary for UK outlets including the BBC, The Telegraph, The Independent and Reuters UK. He is also a weekly commentator for CNBC Italy and author of Secrets for Investing with Gold.