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Short Description: BSO is the Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider of choice for global businesses wanting superior technology infrastructure and worldwide connectivity. Our global, low latency network connects 20 countries worldwide and offers established services in 91 data centres, built for international business seeking a competitive advantage.

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BSO wrote a new blog post titled Searching for Handsome Returns – Can Turkey Still Deliver?

Michael Ourabah, CEO, BSO Network Solutions As is customary in the ongoing search for profit opportunities, high frequency traders often look to emerging markets to leverage a country’s surging growth. However, while returns can be attractively high, traders should always keep a wary eye on whether a fledgling economy risks taking a tumble, which could lead to gains being eroded in a short space of time. Turkey has stood out among these emerging economies in recent years. In 2011, its GDP grew by 8.8%, while the previous year’s growth was an impressive 9.2%. However, just as the...
(884 days ago,(2015/09/22))

BSO created a new news channel titled Latest News from BSO Network Solutions (1813 days ago,(2013/03/07))


BSO is the Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider of choice for global businesses wanting superior technology infrastructure and connectivity to the world’s most dynamic marketplaces.


We pioneer technology across emerging and established markets, designing solutions that offer the highest availability and lowest latency in the industry.


Wherever you are in the world, we can help. Maintaining our reputation for technical excellence across diverse cultures is a challenge – one that we relish, and meet, every day.


Network: High-performance, low-latency connectivity between established and emerging markets around the globe. 


Hosting: Dedicated and shared premium hosting within our 91 Tier 3+ data centres across the world. 


Cloud: Flexible, secure and scalable cloud solutions within private and hybrid environments.  


Managed Services: Bespoke end-to-end managed services offering technical expertise as an extension of your business operations. 


For more information, please visit


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