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Brief description: Financial Services Industry Specialist at Telstra

Joined: May 11th, 2017


Andy Mather wrote a new blog post titled AI & Machine Learning – Working smarter, not harder

Many of the most promising applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are about protection and establishing control. Fraud detection, risk management and compliance, for instance, are some of the ways these technologies are starting to make a real difference for banks and other financial institutions operating in global markets. It helps to start by differentiating between AI and machine learning. Put simply, AI is the broader science of computing that aims to emulate natural intelligence and cognitive functions, whereas machine learning is the subset of...
(195 days ago,(2018/11/08))

Andy Mather wrote a new blog post titled From trade reconstruction to unique business insight – are you making the most of your data?

Today's financial markets require firms to maintain compliance in a rapidly changing environment. While this can be time-consuming, with good quality data practices there is also an opportunity to realise benefits beyond simple compliance. Changing regulations The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in the US, along with MiFID II and Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) in Europe, are some of the higher-profile regulations introduced in recent years to drive behavioural change across financial institutions. These new requirements can mean financial institutions need to...
(195 days ago,(2018/11/08))

Andy Mather wrote a new blog post titled It's time for cybersecurity teams to play the collaboration game

Written by Andy Mather, Financial Service and Emerging Technology at Telstra Global If you're a tad sceptical about the value of collaborative approaches to producing security-related technologies, you need look no further for confirmational evidence than one of the most prodigious platforms on the planet: the Dark Web.There, you will find a criminal fraternity running thousands of marketplaces in which they are making available tens of thousands of collaboratively-produced, open-source hacking tools at any one time. To say these hackers are successful at collaboration would be the...
(362 days ago,(2018/05/25))