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Brief description: Managing Director at Commcise Software Ltd

Joined: March 21st, 2016


Amrish Ganatra wrote a new blog post titled Forget MIFID II: Are you compliant with today’s FCA regulations?

This article was originally published on the Commcise website and is reproduced here with permission   In March, the FCA published the results of a review into the use of dealing commissions at 31 UK asset managers. Their intention was to assess how firms have responded to an FCA discussion paper from 2014. Their conclusion? Poorly. How can firms address those concerns? Under the five key headings highlighted in the FCA’s report, we describe their criticisms and outline some best practices that firms could establish in response. Many of these best practices pave the way to...
(90 days ago,(2017/03/30))

Amrish Ganatra wrote a new blog post titled Research Payments: Funding Options Explained

By Amrish Ganatra   Under the new regulations in MIFID II, asset managers are faced with difficult choices on how best to implement the new provisions.  In this article, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of the three funding options for research payments available under MIFID II.   MIFID II is due to come into effect from January 2018. After this date, if a European asset manager chooses to use their clients’ funds to pay for research, then they will have to meet a number of additional requirements in order to comply with the higher transparency, governance...
(393 days ago,(2016/05/31))

Amrish Ganatra wrote a new blog post titled Demystifying Research Payment Accounts (Part One)

By Amrish Ganatra Any day now, the European Commission (EC) will officially release its long-awaited draft of the MiFID II “Delegated Acts”, part of which will refer to the unbundling of commission payments. Although a leaked draft of this document has been circulating around the market, investment firms are still looking for answers. What will change under the Delegated Acts?  What exactly is a Research Payment Account (RPA)?  How will firms account for research payments under MiFID II?  What steps should an Investment Manager take now to prepare for...
(464 days ago,(2016/03/21))

About me:

Amrish Ganatra is a Managing Director at Commcise Software Ltd. Commcise provides an innovative fully integrated cloud-based Commission Management solution that incorporates automated reconciliation, invoice management, commission budgeting, service history or consumption tracking, service evaluation (“voting”), commission management, share of wallet reporting and accounting functionality. Commcise is used by over 75 asset managers and brokers globally.