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Brief description: Managing Director at Commcise Software Ltd

Joined: March 21st, 2016


Amrish Ganatra wrote a new blog post titled Aggregation 2.0 – Putting Clients First!

By Amrish Ganatra - Managing Director, Commcise With little innovation having occurred in the Aggregation industry over the last 20 years, we believe it is in serious need of a reboot. Enter, stage right, Aggregation 2.0. To understand this story, though, we first need to rewind to the opening scene… How did Aggregation arise? Commission Sharing Agreements (CSAs) are used around the globe to unbundle execution and research commissions. In the US, less than 40% of trading volume is unbundled using a CSA, with the bulk still being still traded at a bundled ('full-service')...
(424 days ago,(2018/01/24))

Amrish Ganatra wrote a new blog post titled FCA’s Policy Statement: Five key points regarding research

Earlier this month, the FCA released its second and final Policy Statement on MiFID II implementation. Chapter 7 of the document, which relates specifically to research, has thrown up some important points that we believe should be highlighted. Ex-ante methodology In its response on valuation and pricing of research, the FCA states that firms need to formulate ‘a clear methodology to establish what they expect to pay providers for research before they receive and consume services’. [My italics]. This is different to what firms have typically done in the past with a...
(604 days ago,(2017/07/28))

Amrish Ganatra wrote a new blog post titled Forget MIFID II: Are you compliant with today’s FCA regulations?

This article was originally published on the Commcise website and is reproduced here with permission   In March, the FCA published the results of a review into the use of dealing commissions at 31 UK asset managers. Their intention was to assess how firms have responded to an FCA discussion paper from 2014. Their conclusion? Poorly. How can firms address those concerns? Under the five key headings highlighted in the FCA’s report, we describe their criticisms and outline some best practices that firms could establish in response. Many of these best practices pave the way to...
(724 days ago,(2017/03/30))

About me:

Amrish Ganatra is a Managing Director at Commcise Software Ltd. Commcise provides an innovative fully integrated cloud-based Commission Management solution that incorporates automated reconciliation, invoice management, commission budgeting, service history or consumption tracking, service evaluation (“voting”), commission management, share of wallet reporting and accounting functionality. Commcise is used by over 75 asset managers and brokers globally.