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Brief description: CEO & Co-Founder, Shield Financial Compliance

Joined: March 16th, 2018


Shiran Weitzman wrote a new blog post titled Filling in the blanks: Supporting RegTech innovation with data

Since the launch of the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s regulatory sandbox in 2016, several other global regulators have followed suit in a bid to address some of the key issues around regulatory technology. And with the influx of new regulations continuing unabated, the need for innovative solutions to the challenges facing financial institutions has also never been more pressing. Yet while this need is widely recognised by not just the rising ‘RegTech’ sector but also by regulators and the capital markets firms, the rate of adoption continues to lag some way behind...
(195 days ago,(2018/11/08))

Shiran Weitzman wrote a new blog post titled Managing eComms Compliance

From tactical to strategic, from compliance to efficiency, from data capture to best execution. Under MiFID II rules all communications that support the processing of order management and investment decision-making must be captured for the express purpose of understanding how and why decisions were made, regardless of whether those communications actually resulted in a trade. This means that compliance officers have to sift through a haystack of digital information for the needles that indicate patterns of market abuse or misbehaviour. However, identifying those patterns is no small...
(306 days ago,(2018/07/20))

Shiran Weitzman wrote a new blog post titled Building a data management blueprint

By Shiran Weitzman, CEO, Shield Financial Compliance Compliance teams who are able to bring the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) together with the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) will provide a sturdy yet flexible framework for data management within their firm. MiFID II’s reporting requirements are notorious, for the breadth and depth of data they require firms to collect. The scale of the problem is characterised by the range of data types that need to be aggregated to build reports, the technical challenges that the process entails...
(362 days ago,(2018/05/25))