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Brief description: Global Head of Financial Services Market Segment, Telstra

Joined: September 1st, 2013


Matthew Lempriere wrote a new blog post titled Can Big Data deliver a Big Future for banks?

Banks have always collected and stored large volumes of data to inform their business decisions. Today, the scale and speed at which data is being created and interpreted might seem overwhelming, but for firms that harness big data it can provide critical competitive advantages. Innovative firms throughout the industry are using advanced analytics tools to inform product and service development, reach new markets, and optimise processes and functions. For example, capital market institutions are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to develop trading...
(143 days ago,(2018/02/26))

Matthew Lempriere wrote a new blog post titled Blockchain for financial institutions

Firms operating in the financial services industry must wonder when this era of digital disruption will end and ‘business as usual’ start again. It is unlikely to happen any time soon because the blockchain, a distributed ledger technology (DLT) with immense transformational potential, is maturing rapidly. Blockchain is a secure database shared by all parties participating in an established, distributed network of computers. It records and stores every transaction that occurs in the network, and transactions can only be stored if there is ‘consensus’ from all of the...
(143 days ago,(2018/02/26))

Matthew Lempriere wrote a new blog post titled Four ways that programmable networks help financial enterprises compete in today’s global markets

Financial Service firms that want to stay competitive in today’s globally connected markets face a number of network challenges. With an increasing focus on digitization, demand for bandwidth continues to grow as data proliferates. Clients, counterparties and trading venues are diverse and dispersed. A multitude of technologies, running across multiple platforms, based on a variety of protocols, need to be connected to each other. In addition, many firms are reluctant to spend too heavily on network infrastructure, and the need for security is ever greater as cyber-threats continue to...
(357 days ago,(2017/07/27))

About me:

Matthew Lempriere is Global Head of Financial Services Market Segment based in Hong Kong, where he is responsible for identifying and leveraging opportunities for the company within the sector across Asia Pacific, EMEA and the US.

Matthew joined Telstra in August 2013, bringing with him over 20 years of sales and account management experience in the financial and telecommunications industries. He has in-depth specialist knowledge in the delivery of electronic trading and information applications in the banking and finance industry.

Prior to joining Telstra, Matthew was Head of BT Radianz for Asia Pacific. He has also held a number of other senior management roles at BT including Sales Manager, Greater China for BT Global Financial Services, Business Development Manager for BT Radianz and Senior Account Manager for BT.

Matthew is a trained PADI Scuba Instructor and once ran Sunrise Diving in Phuket Thailand.


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Matthew Lempriere 857 days ago,(2016/03/14)          

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Matthew Lempriere 857 days ago,(2016/03/14)