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Brief description: Co-Founding Group Chairman & CEO, GMEX Group

Location: LONDON

Joined: October 2nd, 2011


Hirander Misra wrote a new blog post titled A New Approach: Improving Smallholder Farmers Prospects in Malawi and Beyond in Sub Saharan Africa

By Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group and Deputy Chairman of FinComEco. The backbone of Malawi’s economy remains its agricultural output, with smallholder farmers in turn forming the vast majority of this sector’s workforce. Yet while agricultural production forms some 39% of the nation’s GDP, its smallholder farmer workforce continues to face a number of constraints. From the field to the market and from the bank to the trading floor, smallholders face key limitations to their growth. But I believe that if this vital sector is supported with the development of the right...
(535 days ago,(2017/05/03))

Hirander Misra wrote a new blog post titled Fixed Income Robot Wars & the Rise of the Machines

Continuing global regulatory reform, is leading to significant change in financial markets across all asset classes. Change causes disruption and disruption presents opportunity with winners and losers. Winners will be new entrants or existing players who adapt – succeeding at the detriment of those who remain attached to the old ways of doing things. No one knows who they will be but one thing is apparent, with an accelerated timeline, the financial markets landscape will change dramatically in the years to come. Electronic transformation of cash equities markets was driven by waves...
(1432 days ago,(2014/11/18))

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About me:

Hirander is a Co-founder of the Group and also Chairman of GMEX Technologies. He is also Chairman of Forum Trading Solutions and Managing Director of Misra Ventures, a consultancy providing specialist senior level advisory services and helping firms deliver change in market structure, trading and regulatory compliance.

Previously, he was the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Chi-X Europe Limited, instrumental in taking the company from concept to successful launch. At the time of his departure in February 2010, Chi-X Europe was the second largest equities trading venue in Europe, just behind the LSE Group and was subsequently sold to BATS Global Markets in November 2011 for US$365m.