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The Trading Mesh

HFT Review Microsites

During the Summer of 2012, we successfully launched the first HFT Review microsite on the topic of FPGA & Hardware Accelerated Trading at and in October we launched, focusing on Precision Time Measurement and Synchronisation in Trading.

Our plan is to launch new microsites on a regular basis, each one offering in-depth coverage on a topic of specific interest to the global HFT community. Each of these microsites will include news, features, articles, interviews, discussions, white papers, links to resources on the web and even the odd video or audio podcast where appropriate.

Our goal is to build up a rich repository of useful information and commentary around specific topics highly relevant to the world of high frequency trading. Our planned microsites include:

  • HFT in Russia
  • Wireless & microwave technology
  • Real-time surveillance and monitoring
  • News flow algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms and machine-based learning

As we build these resources, we welcome input from market practitioners who have experience of working in these fields, so if you would like to contribute or participate - or if you are a vendor interested in advertising - please call Mike O'Hara on +44 (20) 3286 8629, e-mail or fill out our Contact Form.


We look forward to hearing from you!

FPGA & Hardware Accelerated Trading

Precision Time Measurement & Synchronisation in Trading