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The Trading Mesh

Adopting the Right Approach to FPGA Implementation

11th Feb 2013
- In this interview, Arnaud Derasse, CEO & Laurent de Barry, Head of Customer Support at Enyx, discuss how firms are increasingly implementing FPGA-based solutions to run applications at “wire level” to reduce latency:

- How can FPGAs help with wireless/microwave links?
- How do FPGAs benefit exchanges, data vendors and end-user trading & investment firms?
- Different approaches to implementation: what is right for your firm?
- The importance of taking a step-by-step, iterative approach

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Leveraging FPGA-Enabled Acceleration Platforms For Financial Trading

31st Oct 2012
- In this interview, Stephane Hauradou, Vice President of ACCELIZE, talks about some of the choices firms have to make when implementing FPGA-enabled technology in their trading architectures, discussing:

- Where growth is most evident in the adoption of FPGAs for financial trading
- Working with FPGA-enabled appliances versus working right down at the chip level
- Performance versus ease-of-use
- Challenges that firms face when moving from a software to a hardware-based environment
- C-to-gate compilers

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Deterministic Latency and Scalability via FPGA Matrix Architecture

25th Jun 2012
- In this interview, Yves Charles, CEO of NovaSparks, talks about the various factors that are driving the adoption of FPGAs in financial markets, and also discusses:

- The true impact of non-deterministic latency on different categories of market participant
- The two types of architectures that exist to leverage FPGAs
- How to get around issues with scaling FPGA-based solutions
- The FPGA Matrix architecture
- Challenges that need to be overcome before FPGAs are more widely adopted in the financial markets

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Accelerating Transactions Through FPGA-Enabled Switching

25th Jun 2012
- In this interview, John Peach, Consulting Engineer for EMEA at Arista Networks , talks about how FPGA-enabled switching is now helping a number of financial markets participants accelerate their transactions, discussing:

- The use cases of in-line risk checking, feed-handling and data translation
- How Arista works with other technology vendors in the high-performance trading ecosystem
- What skill sets are required by customers in order to leverage this technology
- How the use of FPGA-enabled technology in financial markets might evolve

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The Evolution of FPGA in the Financial Markets

25th Jun 2012
- In this interview, Mohammad Darwish, Chief Executive Officer of AdvancedIO Systems, talks about how FPGA technology is being increasingly adopted in the financial markets, discussing:

- Key challenges that the finance industry presents, versus the defence or telecoms sectors where FPGAs originated
- Limitations of software-based solutions in the electronic trading ecosystem and how hardware-based solutions can help
- FPGA development frameworks that can shorten the development cycle
- OpenCL and the future evolution of FPGA technology

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HFT Review Report: FPGA & Hardware Accelerated Trading

25th Jun 2012
- In our new six-part series, Mike O'Hara investigates how, where and why FPGAs - and other forms of hardware acceleration - are used in the financial markets. This series looks at:

- Implementation of FPGAs using different architectural approaches
- The various programming methodologies being used
- Challenges and constraints of working in hardware versus software
- How are the CPU manufacturers responding to the FPGA "threat"?
- Predicitions and vision for the future

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six


The Next Generation Trading Infrastructure

Optimizing latency and throughput is essential to high performance trading companies. This white paper, with validated latency for NASDAQ ITCH market data, shows how this can be achieved with the right use of technology and an integrated, end-to-end, customized architecture.

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Successfully deploying FPGA-based Network Adapter Cards to Deliver Ultra-low Latency Trading

In this article, Stephane Hauradou, Vice President and co-founder of Accelize, a PLDA GROUP company, explores some of the keys to successfully deploying ultra-low latency trading solutions based on today’s cutting-edge FPGA technology.

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