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Why is it News when a woman become CEO?

January 20, 2014 Comments (0)           

I'm pleased to see that GM has hired the "best person for the job" as their new CEO - that does seem like a good idea.  I'm happy her gender did not get in the way.  What makes me uncomfortable is the international news coverage of the decision of this large manufacturer to hire a woman as their CEO - if she were a man (and/or black/gay/disabled) would the headline read "The camera loves her. So do employees."?But at the root of that is probably the thing I'm most unhappy about....

Goodbye 2013, you were good to me...

January 2, 2014 Comments (0)           

Well, if I thought 2012 was the fastest disappearing year on record, that record was smashed into the ground by 2013.  What a year!  And because I didn't manage to write this on time to publish elsewhere, I can do a more personal reflection of the year here on my very own blog.Apparently, reading over last year's article, I had goals for 2013:Get more involved in schools/mentoring. Yeah... That didn't happen. I don't think I even made a single Meet a Mentor event this year, which is...


December 23, 2013 Comments (0)           

December disappeared in a rush of vacation and a fleeting tour of Australia.  It's hard to believe that it's the eve of Christmas Eve already, it's almost impossible to feel Christmassy when you're getting sunburnt on a boat and seeing people in swim-suits wearing santa hats.  A mid-winter festival (complete with trees and fake snow) just feels very odd in summer.I cannot take Christmas seriously in this weatherYOW! is a unique conference, in that it's the same agenda in three...

Spock: Data Driven Testing

December 20, 2013 Comments (0)           

In the last two articles on Spock I've covered mocking and stubbing. And I was pretty sold on Spock just based on that. But for a database driver, there's a killer feature:  Data Driven Testing.All developers have a tendency to think of and test the happy path. Not least of all because that's usually the path in the User Story - "As a customer I want to withdraw money and have the correct amount in my hand". We tend not to ask "what happens if they ask to withdraw money when the cash...

First presentation at the Virtual JUG!

November 22, 2013 Comments (0)           

Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting the very first session for vJUG, a new virtual Java User Group that allows us to span geographies when sharing talks and stories.  I'm really interested in the vJUG idea, especially now I'm not in London - if we can find good ways to share knowledge without having to travel, that will help us reach people who don't normally go to conferences or don't have a local user group to go to.  Not to mention cutting travel costs and saving the...

JAX London & MongoDB Tutorial

November 7, 2013 Comments (0)           

In previous years, JAX London would have been an easy, local conference to go to.  This time it took me most of Sunday to get there, and not because of the Super Storm.  Still, that gave me the day to finish off the tutorial I was running there on Monday morning.  Not that I would be so unprofessional as to leave preparing things until the last minute, oh no....But as in previous years, the main benefit of this conference for me was meeting most of the usual suspects from the...

LinkedIn Etiquette

November 6, 2013 Comments (0)           

For no reason other than LinkedIn communications are starting to irritate me, here's my personal LinkedIn Etiquette guide.  Feel free to disagree with it all.I'm not going to accept invitations from recruiters.  Not just because I'm not looking for a job (who knows what the future holds?), but because I believe it shows a lack of respect to my network to bring recruiters one step closer to being able to contact them all.  It's not about Evil or Good recruiters, but I really don't...

JavaOne 2013

November 5, 2013 Comments (0)           

So, I thought a few months ago that my blog would become more of a travel blog than a tech blog because of the amount of conferences I was going to.  Turned out that I was so busy writing / updating / practicing talks and workshops and, er, travelling, that I never got around to doing retrospectives on the events I'd been to.So, JavaOne, again, my third year there.  I'll always have a fondness for it - because of Martin Thompson, it was the first conference I presented at.  I...

Make the Future Java

October 9, 2013 Comments (0)           

I think this is a nice example of how to showcase technology and make it relevant and exciting for people.  Something with this approach could do more for increasing the number of people interested in programming as a career than any of the traditional approaches of getting kids and "minorities" interested in IT.

Kids These Days

September 25, 2013 Comments (0)           

I'm a great believer in getting kids to code early - after all, I'm of that generation that was taught  at the age of 9.  There are quite a few approaches to teaching today's kids in an engaging way, but I'm a bit wary of the sandbox solutions that teach kids things like how to navigate a virtual thingie around the screen, or lets them create things in a limited virtual world.  I don't think kids will easily make the leap between these sort of games to seeing the full potential...