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How to work with the machine instead of against it

Thu, 26 Jul 2012 14:54:38 GMT           

whitepapercap There is no denying that man uses machines more today than ever before. It is safe to assume that this trend will persist as long as machines and their programs continue to increase efficiency and effectiveness and decrease manual errors and workload.


Renee Colyer of Forefactor’s whitepaper discusses how to make sure you’re working with the machine – not against it.


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Read Colyer’s paper "“Man and Machine” or “Man vs. Machine?” to learn more about:

  • Irrational behavior
  • Infallible machines
  • Evolution
  • Industry opinion

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Renee Colyer, CEO of Forefactor, will be discussing smart order routing this October at Quant Invest Canada in Toronto.


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