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Top 3 Gold Investment Websites

Tue, 17 Jul 2012 04:10:15 GMT           

gold investment top 3 gold websites Gold investment seems to be quite a controversial topic right now, some people are suggesting you buy as much as you can right now – whilst others are saying don’t go near it with a 10ft barge pole!

Initially I found it quite difficult to source up to date factual information about gold investment, so I have collated the 3 websites that I found to be most helpful and most reliable.

But I’d be really interested to know what other websites you are using at the moment, please list them below.

1. Gold News

This website has a solid news stream, literature recommendations, in depth articles, easy click presentations and can be viewed in seven different languages. This got my number one vote!

2. Gold Investing News

This website is an arm of the Investing News Network. The Gold Investing News is divided into categories and subcategories: articles, stocks, news (sub-categorised in market news and company news) and about (subcategorised into investing in gold and world class deposits). They describe themselves as your source for unbiased, independent news and information on the resource market. Well worth a visit.

3. Money Week (‘Investment in Gold’ tab)

Moving away from pure news – this website writes weekly articles on gold, it also recommends literature and helps readers through the process of investing in gold (either for the beginner or the novice investor) this is a great website to use in conjunction with one of the others.

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