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The Trading Mesh

#SocialMedia and #quantitative #investment joining forces

Fri, 13 Apr 2012 16:21:18 GMT           

Social media

The two distinct worlds of social media and quantitative investing are quickly merging.

In the past years, social media is not only the principal focus for internet startups; it has been the focus for the whole society. Previously, investors in the PE/VC field are very much interested in getting their hands on this type of web startups; investment could come from angels, seed investors, VCs, lawyers, accountants, friends, aunts, uncles, you name it.

Nowadays, more sophisticated investors are digging into social media platforms hoping to find their next alpha. Most obviously, they can tap social media for stock tips because more and more companies are talking about their earnings and products on such platform in real-time.

To push further the frontier, quantitative investors are applying their complex models to analyze trends, sentiments, investment information currents on those social media platforms. For example, Twitter is not only challenging the way people communicate with each other, it is also inspiring innovations in quantitative metrics and analyses.

The Trading Show Chicago 2012 will not ignore this important new trend. Mr. Craig Kaplan, CEO of IQTick Advisors, will share his sharp ideas on how to use social media to tap the wisdom and the madness of crowds to find alpha.

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