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The Trading Mesh

March 2012

BATS Hits the Rocks, Which May Help Fill Its Sails

March 29, 2012 Comments (0)           

Despite weeks of daily tests to the ensure company’s systems could handle its own Initial Public Offering, BATS Global Markets promptly noticed that they had a problem last Friday.
“Staff members were quickly dispatched to diagnose and fix the software problem, and within minutes the company had called the SEC to alert the agency,” The New York Times’ DealBook reported. The problem was a “software bug” that blocked orders to buy the stock, according...

July’s the Limit: Regulatory Deadlines Start the LEI Party this Summer

March 23, 2012 Comments (0)           

LEIs are like a party for counterparties, albeit a festivity in which the guests are to arrive at different geographies and different times. The Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) are more than digital fingerprints that firms can use to identify counterparties; they represent a time- and money-saving infrastructure whose hour is at hand — or will be in a few months. Setting the Timetable “The ability to access data not only on counterparties but also on counterparties’ counterparties will be...

Conquering Big Data Analytics in a Heterogeneous World

March 19, 2012 Comments (0)           

“Are you sitting on un-mined gold?” asks a tagline for GigaOM’s Structure:Data conference this week. Sybase will help answer that question on Thursday with a workshop led by Director of Business Development David Wiseman. “Conquering Big Data Analytics in a Heterogeneous World” will consider all five vectors of Big Data analytics by exploring techniques that combine traditional-yet-progressive technologies — such as in-memory technology, column store DBMS and Event Stream Processing...

High Frequency Trading – Still Contentious

March 14, 2012 Comments (0)           

By Neil McGovern, Director of Marketing at Sybase
TradeTech last week in New York was one of the best yet. David Leinweber started off the proceedings at the not-so-subway-accessible Javits Center, and if you haven’t seen David’s talk about his research at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (yes, where they design bombs), you should see him the first opportunity you have. His examinations of news- and sentiment-based trading strategies are as fascinating as they are...

Backlash of the Titans

March 14, 2012 Comments (0)           

by Derek Klobucher, Financial Services Editor, Sybase
If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch. It’s one of those idioms that exalt the conspicuously massive, enticing us to celebrate the all-or-nothing spirit of those who dominate.
But big isn’t as easy as it used to be. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into the possibility that some of the big exchanges may have unfairly benefitted their titan clients by spreading out massive orders over...