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Stef Weegels's Blog

Financial firms gain agility with High Performance Computing-as-a-Service

December 22, 2017 Comments (0)           

By Stef Weegels
Today’s financial firms rely heavily on data and technology in all aspects of their business. And in areas such as derivatives pricing, risk analytics, quantitative modelling, portfolio optimisation and bank stress-testing, the use of high performance computing (HPC) to rapidly perform highly complex calculations on large data sets is becoming increasingly prevalent.
HPC is now being applied to an ever wider range of use cases. In recent years one of the most important...

Event report: AI and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management

December 5, 2017 Comments (0)           

In November 2017, Verne Global, together with the Professional Risk Managers International Association and The Realization Group, hosted a fascinating event covering Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management, attended by over 70 industry professionals.
Going beyond the five V’s of Big Data The event kicked off with Dr Oliver Maspfuhl of Group Credit Risk & Capital Management at Commerzbank AG. Dr. Maspfuhl discussed Big Data as “A Way Forward...

Round Table Report: Using Deep Learning Models in Real Time

November 1, 2017 Comments (0)           

Verne Global and Realization Group held a roundtable at the Trading Show in New York  on the 3 October 2017, discussing “Using Deep Learning Models in Real Time”.
Putting artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to work parsing financial securities industry data is a taller order, as data management experts made clear in a roundtable discussion of technology and modeling challenges within AI and deep learning, led by Stef Weegels, Business Development Director...

Round Table Report: Responding to the RegTech data management challenge

November 1, 2017 Comments (0)           

Verne Global and Realization Group held a roundtable event on the 19 September 2017 discussing  “Responding to the RegTech Data Management Challenge”.
Regulation is imposing risk measures upon banks that make specific demands upon the data they own. For a long time the data within banks has been influential but unmeasured, akin to the firing of brain cells driving human consciousness. With external demands requiring a more precise alignment of cause and effect, banks are...

Accelerating Deep Learning Through Cost-Effective Infrastructure

October 12, 2017 Comments (0)           

Exploiting deep learning opportunities in finance could turn out to be very costly, but firms could get better results by tapping specialist data centers.
Sound and effective training lies at the heart of any successful business venture. To be sustainable and cost-efficient in the long run, companies need the right systems and processes in place to recruit the best staff and train them up so that they meet their objectives and remain motivated.
The successful evolution of deep learning in the...

Iceland’s globally unique green credentials

September 13, 2017 Comments (0)           

In the final blog of my series on Iceland’s status as a hosting location of choice, I look at Iceland’s unrivalled 100% green energy profile, the regulatory demand for greater corporate social responsibility and how even environmental factors can help reduce costs for firms.When evaluating a location’s key benefits as a strategic data center, its green profile may not seem to be the most obvious point of consideration. However, not only is an ability to demonstrate corporate...

Safe, Secure and Certain: Why Iceland’s Regulatory Regime Excels

August 24, 2017 Comments (0)           

Written by Stef Weegels - Verne Global's Director of Sales and heads up the company's work within Financial Services and Capital Markets.
In the fifth part of my series on the benefits of Iceland as a strategic data center hub, I examine Iceland’s regulatory status, the strength of its data protection laws and why Brexit uncertainty is further boosting the country’s status as an alternative to London.For modern financial services firms today, being fully compliant with global rules...

How are you responding to today’s data management challenges?

August 23, 2017 Comments (0)           

By Stef Weegels, Verne Global
Regulatory change is driving a fundamental shift in how banks and brokers organise their data management processes and supporting infrastructures. The writing has been on the wall for pure-play, in-house approaches for some time, but now the demands of the post-crisis regulatory framework make the evidence in favour of hybrid strategies impossible to ignore.
In the aftermath of a new risk reporting and aggregation framework under BCBS 239, stress tests set by...

Iceland’s Unrivalled Low Risk Profile

August 16, 2017 Comments (0)           

In my fourth blogs on Iceland’s suitability as a strategic data center location, I look at some of the perceptions and myths about the country’s risk profile and identify how and why Iceland, in fact, tops the World Risk Index, with the lowest risk profile.
When deciding on data center location, firms need to consider a range of criteria. Obvious ones include initial and on-going costs, connectivity, space and availability of managed service. Equally important are factors such as...

Iceland offers excellent connectivity to major financial hubs

August 7, 2017 Comments (0)           

In part three of my series on Iceland’s suitability as a strategic data center location, I look at the country’s excellent cable connectivity to Europe and North America and review some of the use cases for financial services firms.
The ability to securely and efficiently deliver data is an essential requirement of any international data center, and Iceland is outstanding in this regard. Strategically located in the North Atlantic, with a submarine cable network built on the latest...