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Smart Analytics Helps Trading Desks in Challenging Environment --- Big Data in the Financial Markets

Sun, 20 Jan 2013 15:58:16 GMT           

These are challenging times for trading desks. Lower flows mean that brokers are not only working harder but also working smarter, leveraging new technology to retain competitive advantage. Cutting-edge computational analysis that studies previous patterns to inform more intelligent trading is one of these new technologies, one which we at Bright*Sun are proud to be at the forefront of.

While novel in the trading environment, deep analytics technology has made inroads in the consumer retail space. For some time now big grocery chains have been poring over your purchasing habits and using this data to inform how and what they sell you. A person who buys a lot of chocolate cake might find cake coupons in the mail when a company wants to launch a new recipe. Bright*Sun aims to take the smart analytics approach used by grocers and other retailers to trading desks.

The capital markets are perfectly suited for this innovation. Everything that’s done on a trading desk is logged; every transaction and interaction is recorded. This means there’s a huge mountain of data that’s perfectly positioned for exploration. Extracting the big value from big data is a difficult challenge but there is a tremendous upside in doing so and Bright*Sun is leading the way alongside veteran participants like IBM. 

This sort of information is incredibly valuable. Imagine being able to know who’s traded what, at what times, and under what conditions. Bright*Sun puts this sort of information at your fingertips in an intuitive and interactive format. It lets traders, analysts, and risk officers ask questions of the data, to dive deep and draw out invaluable insights.

And Bright*Sun aims to go further, using deep content analysis to make actionable predictions. Who’s likely to be a buyer of a Yen at a certain time of year? Who’s likely to be a seller of MSFT at times of high market volatility? Best of all Bright*Sun performs better the more data it consumes. It gets smarter. Your trading desk gets smarter.


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Bright*Sun is a London based technology company that brings genuine innovation to the capital markets. The firm was founded by former quantitative traders who believe deep data analytics will have a game-changing impact on the way financial firms operate. More information can be found at

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