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The Trading Mesh

June 2015

Adventures in the Cloud: From Capex to Opex & Beyond

June 30, 2015 Comments (0)           

In this article, Mike O’Hara of The Realization Group looks at how the cloud and the use of ‘microservices’ can transform operations for financial firms, bringing greater productivity and agility without sacrificing security. Mike hears from Matt Barrett & Olivier Deheurles of Adaptive Consulting, Jan Machacek & Martin Zapletal of Cake Solutions, Rob Bath of Digital Realty, Matthew Lempriere of Telstra Global Enterprise & Services and Ray Bricknell of...

Is FIX Moving to the Cloud?

June 16, 2015 Comments (0)           

In this article, Mike O’Hara asks Brian Ross and Jim Timmins of FIX Flyer, Sassan Danesh of Etrading Software, Digital Realty’s Stef Weegels and Rob Bath, and Toby Corballis of Bridline to consider the future role of managed services in increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of the FIX connectivity infrastructures of banks and brokers. 
For many securities market participants, FIX is part of the furniture. Starting life...