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The Trading Mesh

February 2011

The Growing Use of MATLAB in the High Frequency Trading World

February 25, 2011 Comments (0)           

An Interview with Steve Wilcockson
In this interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Steve Wilcockson, Industry Manager, Financial Services at MathWorks, developers of MATLAB, the technical computing language that is increasingly being used in the world ofhigh frequency trading and algorithmic trading systems.
High Frequency Trading Review: Steve, can you give us a brief introduction to MathWorks, what you do and how it relates to the...

High Frequency Trading in Brazil

February 25, 2011 Comments (0)           

Next month (March 30-31, 2011), World Research Group will be presenting its first Algo & High Frequency Trading Latin America Summit, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
With expert speakers from across the spectrum of hedge funds, prop trading firms, investment banks, exchanges and regulatory bodies, it promises to be a worthwhile event for anyone who is interested in HFT and algorithmic trading in the region.
High frequency trading certainly seems to be a hot topic in Latin America,...

High Frequency Traders to Gather at HiFreq Trade 2011

February 22, 2011 Comments (0)           

Later this week, on Thursday 24th February, high frequency traders from UK and overseas will be gathering at the Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London, to attend the 2nd annual HiFreq Trade event.
Last year’s event was sold out with standing room only. This year should be even bigger and better according to the organisers, with 240 delegates already confirmed, 100 of whom are from the buy-side.
The program looks pretty comprehensive, with sessions focusing on...

Nasdaq, HFT and OSEs J-Gate

February 18, 2011 Comments (0)           

I just wanted to post a quick update about a press release I came across from Nasdaq the other day, because someone was asking me about high frequency trading technology in Japan, particularly on the derivatives markets, wanting to know how fast the systems are out there in terms of latency and throughput.
The press release announced that technology from Nasdaq OMX is powering the new J-Gate derivatives trading system, launched earlier this month at the Osaka Securities Exchange...

Busting Through the Latency Wall

February 16, 2011 Comments (0)           

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) – the Need for Network Speed
By David Quarrell | Sponsored by OnX Enterprise Solutions
The unique demands of the HFT market are driving technologists to extraordinary lengths in their quest to be first in the race to zero. Like travelling at the speed of light, we know it’s impossible but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming. In the HFT market, we want to reduce the latency between bid/offer and placement to zero, motivating us to look...

European Regulation, High Frequency Trading and the Draft MiFID Review

February 15, 2011 Comments (0)           

An Interview with Dr Kay Swinburne, MEP
In this exclusive interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Dr Kay Swinburne, Conservative MEP for Wales. An ex-investment banker, Kay sits on the Economics and Monetary Affairs Committee in the European Parliament and devotes much of her time to financial markets regulation in Europe. She drafted the report “Regulation of trading in financial instruments: dark pools etc” and had been...

High Frequency Trading Firms

February 9, 2011 Comments (0)           

I recently came across a pretty useful list of high frequency trading firms on Max Dama’s blog, so I thought I’d share a link to it here with anyone who’s interested. Actually, it’s not so much a list of HFT firms as quant trading firms, but many of those firms are involved in high frequency trading activity.
Max originally published this list back in December 2009, but the good thing is that since then various other people have come along and...