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The Trading Mesh

January 2011

HFT Pushes the Market Forward to Adopt Next Generation Technology

January 31, 2011 Comments (0)           

An Interview with Stephane Leroy
Sponsored by Quant House
In this interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Stephane Leroy, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at technology vendor Quant House, an independent global provider of end-to-end systematic trading solutions.
At Quant House, Mr. Leroy is responsible for developing and executing the company sales and marketing strategies.
High Frequency Trading Review: Stephane, maybe we can start...

A Quick Report from TradeTech Architecture & Data Technology

January 27, 2011 Comments (0)           

I went along to the TradeTech Architecture & Data Technology show in London yesterday, so here’s a brief update.
The main sessions I was interested in were the mid-morning ones on high frequency trading. In particular, there was a panel discussion on HFT technology, chaired by Bob Giffords and featuring speakers from Nasdaq OMX, Juniper and Voltaire, which got quite interesting towards the end when questions started coming from the audience. A question on proposed...

High Frequency Trading: At The Crossroads of Debate

January 25, 2011 Comments (0)           

The financial industry has literally been transformed by the advance of technology and the internet over the last 20 years. Prior to the 1990’s, the pits in New York and Chicago were full of sweaty men, and a few women, who would bark out buy and sell order all day long in what is known as the “open outcry” system.
In the 90’s, a revolution began. The advancement and ever-increasing reliability of the internet all of a sudden made it possible for traders to execute...

Systematic Trading and Quantitative Hedge Funds

January 24, 2011 Comments (0)           

An Interview with Dr Sonia Schulenburg
In this interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Mike O’Hara talks to Dr Sonia Schulenburg, CEO of Edinburgh-based trading technology firm Level E Limited, and the guiding light behind MAYA, a complete financial modeling and investment solution that analyses high-frequency financial data to provide intelligent and robust investment strategies. Level E Capital runs the MAYA Fund, an absolute return fund that employs a...

The High Frequency Trading Conference Season is Upon Us

January 20, 2011 Comments (0)           

Is there such a thing as a high frequency trading conference season? There certainly seem to be quite a few HFT conferences and events coming up over the next two or three months. Which is actually great for someone like me because it means I get to meet and chat with all the movers and shakers in the high frequency trading industry, giving me an opportunity to line them up for interviews for the site.
Coming up in London over the next two or three months, we...

Reshaping Australias Financial Market Structure

January 17, 2011 Comments (0)           

Australia Report Outlines Plans to Reshape Its Financial Market Structure Focused on the Lessons from the US Flash Crash of May 6 2010
This is a guest post by Dr Eugene Clark1
“He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils;for time is the greatest innovator.”Francis Bacon
In Australia, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), like its regulatory counterparts in the US2 and Europe3, has been concerned about the possible dangers inherent in...

Outsourcing the Front Office, One-Wire Connectivity and Risk on a Chip

January 13, 2011 Comments (0)           

An Interview with Hugh Hughes and Bob Fuller
In this interview for the High Frequency TradingReview, Mike O’Hara talks to Fixnetix executives Hugh Hughes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Bob Fuller, Director.
Fixnetix provides outsourced services for ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting and infrastructure connectivity as well as risk management solutions to leading global banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups.
High Frequency Trading...

High Frequency Trading Strategies

January 11, 2011 Comments (0)           

I was doing a bit of research into HFT and algorithmic trading on the web this morning, and I came across a really useful “cheat sheet” on high frequency trading strategies.
HFT and algo trading can get a little confusing sometimes, so this chart put together by Brandon Rowley (who runs an excellent blog at Trading Wall Street Investments) is a really useful resource, explaining in clear terms what the six main strategies of high frequency...

Looking Ahead to 2011

January 6, 2011 Comments (0)           

First of all, Happy New Year to you all. I hope you enjoyed the holiday season.
Now that 2011 is upon us, my New Year’s Resolution is to update the High Frequency Trading Review website much more regularly – two or three times a week – with news, thoughts and commentary on what’s going on in the high frequency trading space.
If you have been following the HFT Review website for a while, you will have probably realized by now that I’m certainly no expert...