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Regulators and Rogues

May 26, 2017 Comments (0)           

Twenty five years ago when I first started looking at financial fraud, one of the largest problems facing regulators was that of jurisdiction. Getting information regarding off-shore bank accounts being one of the best examples of this. Despite the time that has elapsed and the brain power and effort that has been thrown at the problem, the situation appears to have intensified rather than resolved itself and regulators generally have themselves to blame.
My frustrations with this situation...

Power to the People

May 15, 2017 Comments (0)           

We are clearly at a crossroads in relation to financial regulation. We are at the end of the ‘gentlemen’s agreements’ road characterised most recently by self-regulation and we are now heading down a very different road, as the recent avalanche of regulation (MiFID, MAR and MAD, I am looking at you) shows. I disagreed with the last road and strongly disagree with the new one; mainly because I don’t believe that either achieves the stated aim i.e. investor protection. But...

Winter is coming and it is called MiFID II

November 9, 2016 Comments (0)           

I think that you’ll agree that it’s all very frustrating. Most of us believe in thoughtful cost-analysis and considered efficiency drives over uneducated broad-brush cost cutting and working like a dog to drive profits. But the market consistently plumps for the latter. Companies fall again and again into the trap of using an axe to hack off a limb (so that the other limbs must work harder) rather than utilising a scalpel to thoughtfully remove the dead flesh and leave the limb...