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Investing in the UK’s digital infrastructure

Tue, 29 Oct 2013 09:33:34 GMT           

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Three years ago Volta decided to invest tens of millions of pounds in building a new data centre in the heart of London. At the time confidence in the economy was hard to come by with very little money being invested in technology infrastructure, the City and elsewhere.

So why did we push ahead with our plans?

Data centres are a fundamental part of advanced economies and underpin so much in our digital, networked World.  They do for 21st century business what factories did for manufacturing two hundred years ago.

Data centres are the modern day information hubs. They are the places where knowledge is stored and transferred and for business they are the places where a significant amount of their critical, automated processes now take place.

When we began this project, London and especially central London, was poorly served by this kind of infrastructure. We believed that if London was to continue to attract global businesses, foster innovation and compete as one of the World’s leading cities, this is precisely what was needed.

We saw the opportunity to invest in this project in the knowledge that London needs the best infrastructure and in recognition of the fact it is one of the world’s leading financial services hubs. In addition, this infrastructure is required by the content industries that rely so much on secure digital infrastructure as well as the community of entrepreneurs and innovators around Tech-City and Shoreditch.

What Volta offers to those businesses is a secure, robust, purpose built environment in which to house the hardware to power their enterprise and ambition. From here companies can link to the World in the blink of an eye through the fibre-optic connections available via the carriers in our building. For business, having the right connections has never been more critical.

When we formally opened the data centre Kit Malthouse, the Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise, chose to offer his support too by speaking at the event. His attendance is a sign of the importance politicians place on investment in the sort of infrastructure London and the UK needs in order for it to continue to attract World leading businesses and encourage innovation.

It is something we recognise too, and we are very pleased that after years of planning and hard work, our data centre in Great Sutton Street is now open for business.

About Volta:

Volta’s Data Centre in Great Sutton Street was formally launched by Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse on the 25th September, and is Central London’s newest data centre for a decade. Following a year-long project to strip out and re-fit the facility, Volta’s multi-million pound investment represents a significant commitment to London’s technology infrastructure. The 91,000 sq ft facility is located in immediate proximity to the City of London, catering for the needs of the latency sensitive financial services sector, the fast-growth communities of entrepreneurs in TechCity and Shoreditch, as well as the media and content industries traditionally based in central London.

For more information about Volta please go to or follow us on Twitter: @VoltaDataCentre.


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