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The Trading Mesh

October 2012

What can we learn from Apple, Microsoft and London taxis?

October 30, 2012 Comments (0)           

Three stories in the FT today showed how different firms are positioning themselves to meet the changing competitive landscape. First, Apple announced that it was shaking up its senior ranks after the maps fiasco on its latest iPhone.  Is this the first sign of unrest at Apple since the demise of the inspirational Steve Jobs? And, more to the point, would he really have condoned the launch of the iPad mini?  For the first time this looks like Apple is playing catch up with the competition...

In defence of derivatives

October 2, 2012 Comments (0)           

FragVision Episode 7 looks at the common misconceptions about the derivatives industry and the likely impact of some of the new regulations that it is having to get to grips with.

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