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The Trading Mesh

March 2013

How can companies prepare for Dodd Frank and other regulation?

March 28, 2013 Comments (0)           

Financial companies are faced with an onslaught of regulation, and it is important they prepare properly for these legislative changes. At the moment, much of the planned regulatory implementations are difficult to gear up for, with organisations receiving scant information about how it will impact their operations. One of the key laws that could impact businesses is the Dodd-Frank financial reform act, which aims to introduce more transparency and reforms to the derivatives market and is being...

Compliance Is A Four Letter Word

March 26, 2013 Comments (0)           

But it doesn’t have to be. For the most of us, adhering to rules is a restriction – falling into line gets in the way of getting what we want, when we want, how we want, at the price we want, isn’t it? Perhaps not. In fact, according to an increasing number of Compliance Officers (and by no means limited to the financial services) paying attention to the rules – or perhaps creating the structure and environment to make adherence simpler/more automatic – can not only make your company more...

The Rising Importance Of Collateral Management

March 21, 2013 Comments (0)           

As an expert with a broad track record of bringing market expertise to businesses and making them fly, Marcus Hooper, MD of Market Acumen, is very much on the bleeding-edge of trading trends and technologies. So of course we approached him ahead of one of his debates at the conference to find out what he thinks the biggest changes are in the markets right now and gives us his opinion on if they are going the right way. Collateral Management has been largely considered as a background or after...

The COBA Project – The Solution to a Euro-Consolidated Tape?

March 18, 2013 Comments (0)           

If you are in trading (particularly European equities) and you haven’t heard about The COBA Project or don’t know what it is, you should do – and of course we at TradeTech are here to help!
The group is set up with the sole purpose of solving the problem of a pan-European consolidated tape and much of what they recommend will end up in the final product being brought in by MiFID II.
To explain more about it, how they envisage it working, how they’re getting the...