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The Trading Mesh

June 2016

The art of collaboration: how technology makes all the difference

June 27, 2016 Comments (0)           

Many great ideas don’t come from individuals. They come from groups. The interplay that occurs when people collaborate – be it with colleagues, clients or partners – is often what generates the most resilient thinking and the best results.
For financial firms working in complex, microsecond-sensitive environments, creating the conditions for effective collaboration is not always a simple matter. The challenges may be broader than just having good technological systems, but...

Blockchain – the next big thing in Financial Services?

June 6, 2016 Comments (0)           

If there is one topic that has accelerated its way up the hype cycle in late 2015/early 2016, that topic is blockchain. I remember being at a FinTech event a little over a year ago, when it wasn’t even on the agenda. Fast-forward to today and it seems like everyone is now talking about potential use cases for blockchain technology.
The blockchain technology has the potential to transform a number of areas across the post-trade landscape, bringing about more efficiency, lower costs and...