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Pre-Trade Risk - Not Just Ticking Boxes

September 10, 2014 by Software AG   Comments (0)           

By Theo Hildyard
In the last few years, we’ve seen an increasing focus on the area of pre-trade risk in financial markets, particularly in electronically-traded instruments such as cash equities and exchange-traded futures and options. In fact, a number of regulatory bodies have introduced rules that specifically address this area, such as the US SEC rule 15c3-15, which requires brokers and dealers to have adequate pre-trade risk controls in place when accessing electronic...

The Four Pillars of Sales Productivity at Global Investment Banks

September 8, 2014 by The Trading Mesh   Comments (0)           

Where Business Intelligence Meets Technology Innovation
In this article, Mike O’Hara, publisher of The Trading Mesh, talks to Matt Barrett of Adaptive Consulting and Eddie McDaid and Tony Foreman of Software AG, about how sales productivity at global investment banks can be significantly improved by bringing together four “pillars”: management information systems; straight-through processing; control; and pro-active outreach; and how this can be achieved...

Wanted: Home for OTC trading

September 8, 2014 by Regulation Matters (Fidessa)   Comments (0)           

By Christian Voigt
With MiFID II’s stated aim to push OTC trading (where appropriate) onto regulated platforms European market structure is undergoing considerable upheaval. As the first round of Level 2 consultation has just finished it’s now time to define what OTC trading is appropriate and where it can be executed. While double volume caps somewhat restrict the use of transparency waivers, Systematic Internalisers (SIs) appear to be a possible home for some OTC...

World's Top High Frequency Trading Exchanges for Traders.

August 26, 2014 by Lokesh Madan   Comments (0)           

World's Top High Frequency Trading Exchanges for Traders By Lokesh Madan


August 22, 2014 by Lokesh Madan   Comments (0)           


Trade Exit strategies are more complex in nature as compared to Trade In Strategies. It involves different types of analysis i.e Technical Based, Fundamental based& Quantitative based In this article we are not focusing on the timing of trade entries but to the major problem trader’s faces:  how to get out of a trade once in…… Exit Strategies,


In many ways, a good exit is more critical and...

For Traders, Orange Is the New Black

August 19, 2014 by Software AG   Comments (0)           

This article originally appeared on TabbFORUM at and is reproduced here with the author's permissionBy Theo Hildyard

Unlucky flash boys could soon be wearing orange, as getting thrown into prison seems to be a new side-effect of recent regulatory crackdowns on financial services.

Market regulators are now being pushed aside by heavy hitters, with the UK’s Serious Fraud Office only one short step behind the...

The Future of Best Execution

August 19, 2014 by Fidessa   Comments (0)           

This article was originally published at the Fidessa blog, and is reproduced here with permission. By Steve Grob

I was chatting with a few work colleagues last Friday about best execution and derivatives. They confidently asserted that without real fungibility (i.e. the ability to trade the same instrument on different venues), price comparison is not possible and so any notion of best-ex was pretty meaningless.
By coincidence, I was later looking at the wording in the...

Start Trading on SGX Nifty from India Complete Details.

August 19, 2014 by Lokesh Madan   Comments (0)           

By Lokesh MadanStart Trading on SGX Nifty from India Complete Details.

Start Trading on SGX Nifty from India Complete Details.SGX Nifty – Futures & OptionsKey Features of SGX Nifty

1. International benchmark for Indian equity 2. USD-denominated 3. No FII requirements 4. Lower cost structure – Lower exchange clearing fees, No transaction and capital taxes, Interest payable on margins 5. Extended trading hours 6. Availability of cross product...

Implementing Algo Strategies on FPGAs – Part 1

August 14, 2014 by sanjay shah   Comments (0)           

This article originally appeared on Quant FORUM at
Is it worth implementing algo strategies on FPGAs? The answer is that it depends on the strategies.
Today’s state-of-the-art CPUs, such as Intel’s Xeon Phi, have more than 5 billion transistors. In comparison, the largest FPGAs today have about 6.8 billion transistors. Ever since FPGAs first appeared in the 1980s, they have been...