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AQMetrics wrote a new blog post titled Regulatory reset: What Irish funds need to know about CP86
By Lorraine Lyons - Business Development Representative, AQ Metrics For the Irish Fund Management industry in the coming year, one regulatory change stands out: namely the introduction of the Fund Management Companies Guidance, or CP86. This far-reaching set of initiatives has of course been in the pipeline since 2014, when the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) launched the consultation process, and so many of the elements outlined in CP86 should already be in place. However, the deadline for all Irish Funds to demonstrate their compliance with the new rules has now been set for 1 July 2018. In...
7 days ago,(2018/01/10)
Dik Vos wrote a new blog post titled The open age of banking: technology’s role in driving customer trust and loyalty
In the age of choice, where consumers can switch services at the click of a button, the only provider that has remained constant for many is their banking provider. UK consumers generally give a high amount of trust to their banking provider, with 85 per cent of customers saying that they trust their bank with personal information and to manage accounts efficiently. While many banks interpret this as consumer loyalty, the reality is that many people stay with their chosen provider out of fear of the presumed upheaval switching providers entails, and concern that their data and money will be...
12 days ago,(2018/01/05)
Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Financial firms gain agility with High Performance Computing-as-a-Service
By Stef Weegels Today’s financial firms rely heavily on data and technology in all aspects of their business. And in areas such as derivatives pricing, risk analytics, quantitative modelling, portfolio optimisation and bank stress-testing, the use of high performance computing (HPC) to rapidly perform highly complex calculations on large data sets is becoming increasingly prevalent. HPC is now being applied to an ever wider range of use cases. In recent years one of the most important has been around regulatory compliance. In particular, banks are now required to have strong...
27 days ago,(2017/12/22)
Ian Grieves wrote a new blog post titled Trading Ingenuity: Low Latency and Beyond
Clever Beats Fast in the Trading Race The quest for low latency – speed – has been the name of the game in trading over the last decade, resulting, for example, in the increased demand for expensive co-location sites. But trading ingenuity today demands more than speed. While low latency remains a key factor, today’s smart trading firms have more complex goals. One is achieving deterministic low latency, i.e., speed that can be relied upon. But just as important, if not more, is the ability to access multiple venues, multiple asset classes and via multiple counterparties,...
40 days ago,(2017/12/08)
Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Event report: AI and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management
In November 2017, Verne Global, together with the Professional Risk Managers International Association and The Realization Group, hosted a fascinating event covering Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management, attended by over 70 industry professionals. Going beyond the five V’s of Big Data The event kicked off with Dr Oliver Maspfuhl of Group Credit Risk & Capital Management at Commerzbank AG. Dr. Maspfuhl discussed Big Data as “A Way Forward in Risk Management”. His view is that in order to use AI effectively in these types of...
44 days ago,(2017/12/05)
The Realization Group wrote a new blog post titled AI and Deep Learning in Risk and Investment Management
Deep learning, or the ability of machines to learn using artificial neural networks, has been around since the mid-1960s. In recent years, however, advances in computation performance and storage technologies are enabling the large quantities of data required for effective neural networks to be rapidly processed. As a result, the use of deep learning is increasingly being explored across multiple industries and geographies. In this article, Mike O’Hara and Joel Clark of The Realization Group discuss the possible use cases for deep learning within financial services, particularly in risk...
44 days ago,(2017/12/05)
Verne Global wrote a new blog post titled Round Table Report: Do Good to Do Better
November 2017. The Realization Group and Verne Global hosted a round table discussing 'How a focus on ESG can improve financial performance as well as the climate'. The data to independently verify the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of businesses it still in its early stages. But advances in technology will make a clear link between a focus on ESG and improved financial results, as well as an improved climate, according to speakers at a Verne Global round table. How will the USA pulling out of the Paris Climate Change agreement affect the move to sustainable business...
55 days ago,(2017/11/24)
The Realization Group wrote a new blog post titled Making the market: Building prices in fixed income
The fixed income markets are going through a period of significant transition. While capital constraints and a long period of low volatility have led to challenges in how firms source liquidity, recent increases in bond volatility have led to renewed profitability - and investment - in the markets. And with regulatory reforms forcing more and more trading into the electronic domain, new liquidity venues are beginning to proliferate. Firms across the buy side and the sell side are now having to assess what this all means from a technology perspective. In this Financial Markets Insights report,...
66 days ago,(2017/11/13)
Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Round Table Report: Using Deep Learning Models in Real Time
Verne Global and Realization Group held a roundtable at the Trading Show in New York  on the 3 October 2017, discussing “Using Deep Learning Models in Real Time”. Putting artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to work parsing financial securities industry data is a taller order, as data management experts made clear in a roundtable discussion of technology and modeling challenges within AI and deep learning, led by Stef Weegels, Business Development Director at Verne Global and Yam Peleg, founder of Deep Trading, at The Trading Show in New York on October...
78 days ago,(2017/11/01)
Brian Cassin wrote a new blog post titled Pulling Together the Fixed Income Picture
There is an information gap in fixed income markets. They lack any legacy of centralized infrastructure, have never distributed consolidated price data, and inevitably regulation does not require orders to be pushed around looking for best bid / offer because there is no consolidated record of a national best bid and offer (NBBO). Several developments have widened these gaps. Firstly, the low interest rate environment has encouraged bond issuance to reach record levels, increasing the number of instruments available in the primary and secondary markets. The number of non-fungible instruments...
78 days ago,(2017/11/01)
Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Round Table Report: Responding to the RegTech data management challenge
Verne Global and Realization Group held a roundtable event on the 19 September 2017 discussing  “Responding to the RegTech Data Management Challenge”. Regulation is imposing risk measures upon banks that make specific demands upon the data they own. For a long time the data within banks has been influential but unmeasured, akin to the firing of brain cells driving human consciousness. With external demands requiring a more precise alignment of cause and effect, banks are having to analyse and rebuild their regulatory technology (RegTech) infrastructure to ensure it fulfils...
78 days ago,(2017/11/01)
Carlo Alberto De Casa wrote a new blog post titled India and Gold – A special relationship
Of all the precious metals, gold is continually proven to be the most popular for investors. It is often seen as the safe-haven commodity, where investors can run to in times of economic or global uncertainty. More practically, it is revered for its hedging properties, a way for investors to diversify their portfolio risk through future contracts or derivatives.  The yellow metals unique complexity is how it combines the features of both a currency and a commodity. In many ways it operates more like a monetary asset despite its obvious tangible and real value. Yet, unlike other...
79 days ago,(2017/10/30)
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Verne Global wrote a new blog post titled Profitable investing while saving the planet, the ultimate win-win
Written by Adam Nethersole, Senior Director of Marketing at Verne Global Victor Kiam, the entrepreneur who made his fortune from Remington, was famous for his appearances in the adverts for the company’s electric razors in which he said, "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company”.  I didn’t buy Verne Global but after spotting a billboard for the world’s leading green data center, in 2013 I did end up joining the company. What attracted me was that Verne Global really had put sustainability at the heart of its business model. The data center is located in...
85 days ago,(2017/10/25)
Certeco wrote a new blog post titled Roundtable Report - Reaping the benefits of DevOps: Elements of success
On 12th October 2017, The Realization Group, together with change management consultancy Certeco, hosted a round table to explore the ways that companies can take advantage of a DevOps approach to development. There are increasing numbers of firms that have recognised the value of DevOps and been able to show large gains in productivity and operational quality as a result, gains that have made a direct impact on the bottom line. Yet there are still many more that may have heard about this development method and even been intrigued by it, but have been daunted by the prospect of engineering...
91 days ago,(2017/10/19)
Peter Fredriksson wrote a new blog post titled Tackling the hot topics: FIX Nordic Trading Briefing 2017
Last month saw the return of the FIX Trading Community’s Nordic Trading Briefing to Sweden, the largest FIX event in the Nordics and now firmly established as a key date on the industry’s calendar. This year’s line-up also attracted record attendance – which I believe was in no small part due to the keynote speaker Klas Granlund, Director of the Market Analysis department, Finansinspektionen. For many, the pull was of course to understand first-hand about how preparations are going ahead of the MiFID II implementation date, which is now less than three months...
92 days ago,(2017/10/18)