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Ollie Cadman wrote a new blog post titled Five Ways to Prevent MiFID II Technology Decisions from Going Wrong
The following blog was originally published by Vela Trading Technologies and is reproduced here with permission   On 22 March 2017, Vela hosted an executive roundtable in London on the cross asset challenges of MiFID II. In the first of three event reports, we look at how the participants, who came from across the market, emphasised the need to automate more than ever before, and for greater collaboration between buy-side, sell-side, and technology vendors.   Brokers and investment managers face a short timeframe to resolve big technology issues under MiFID II. The more...
4 days ago,(2017/04/21)
The Realization Group wrote a new blog post titled Go with the Flow
Are financial firms ready for the data capture challenge? In this article, Mike O’Hara and Adam Cox of The Realization Group look at the challenges facing the financial industry as firms prepare for new regulation requiring them to capture, store and provide far more trade-related data than ever before. No longer will transaction data be enough. Regulators want granular data on quotes and timestamps, presenting substantial technological issues in terms of scale and complexity. The new regulatory environment represents a major juncture for an industry that has already dealt with several...
7 days ago,(2017/04/18)
Rob Lane wrote a new blog post titled The Bright Road Ahead for APAC Market Data Services
The following blog was originally published by Vela Trading Technologies and is reproduced here with permission   For those seeking a strong global financial region with exciting opportunities for growth – both actual and potential – Asia Pacific (APAC) remains the one to beat. Yet despite the continued promise of new infrastructure, clients, and regulatory drivers, historically Asian financial services have been notably slow in one key area: namely the uptake of market data solutions.   However, over the last year the rate of growth has increased as investment firms...
13 days ago,(2017/04/11)
AQMetrics wrote a new blog post titled Cybersecurity Risk and the Need for a Holistic Approach
By Lorraine Toland, Business Development Representative, AQMetrics Cybersecurity threats are now high on the list of risk mitigation priorities for most firms and institutions – and if not, then they certainly should be. In addition to the reputational damage an attack can cause your firm, it is now widely recognised that they can also wreak serious financial damage, which in turn can negatively impact your investors and shareholders. Furthermore, cybersecurity must now be viewed in relation to all other operational risks. Yet despite the consequences of cybersecurity breaches and...
17 days ago,(2017/04/07)
Stef Weegels wrote a new blog post titled Post Event Report - Building the Future of Finance with AI and Machine Learning
Post event report by Stef Weegels on the Verne Global and Realization Group “Building the Future of Finance” roundtable, held at the SAS Innovation Lab, London 16 March 2017   Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy and depends on effective data and computing power, but the case for harnessing the technology in financial services is growing rapidly, according to speakers at a Verne Global roundtable.   What is the precise difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and rules-based systems? How must data and compute power be optimised to exploit the...
19 days ago,(2017/04/06)
Mike O'Hara wrote a new blog post titled Navigating the new market landscape: it all starts with the data
This blog originally appeared on the Napatech website and is reproduced here with permission   In the world of fin tech, data capture has never exactly been the sexiest area of development.   That title tended to be reserved for areas such as low latency solutions, analytics, or even risk management. But as market participants ready themselves for a new wave of trading rules, and as competition among cutting edge trading firms has shown no sign of abating, the importance of data capture has taken on much greater significance.   Whether a firm wants to optimise trading...
20 days ago,(2017/04/04)
AQMetrics wrote a new blog post titled The capture and release of wild data under MiFID II/MiFIR
By Steve Barnes, VP Technology, AQMetrics Wild data is roaming about your organisation. The new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and Regulation (MiFIR) will demand you round it up, process it and release it as trade and transaction reports. The rules will apply from January 2018 to European Union firms, their branches outside of the European Union and financial institutions operating in the EU. Nearly all instruments are subject to the new regulation and directive, where under MiFID I only equities and exchange-traded funds were affected. Over-the-counter (OTC) trade...
24 days ago,(2017/03/31)
Amrish Ganatra wrote a new blog post titled Forget MIFID II: Are you compliant with today’s FCA regulations?
This article was originally published on the Commcise website and is reproduced here with permission   In March, the FCA published the results of a review into the use of dealing commissions at 31 UK asset managers. Their intention was to assess how firms have responded to an FCA discussion paper from 2014. Their conclusion? Poorly. How can firms address those concerns? Under the five key headings highlighted in the FCA’s report, we describe their criticisms and outline some best practices that firms could establish in response. Many of these best practices pave the way to...
25 days ago,(2017/03/30)
John O'Hara wrote a new blog post titled The Value of Human Judgement
Current waves of digital technology innovation are offering financial services firms multiple opportunities to automate and reengineer processes, thereby generating new value propositions or improving the customer experience through lower cost or greater efficiency. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next wave of technology innovation that is beginning to revolutionise other industries, and is being explored for new applications across the finance sector.   Through its ability to make better decisions and recommendations based on the continuous consumption and analysis of structured...
41 days ago,(2017/03/15)