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The Trading Mesh

New initiatives in compliance technology

In this article, Mike O’Hara asks a panel of experts – Telstra’s Matthew Lempriere, enepath’s Huw Williams, Steve Garrood of Insightful Technology, Andrew Bowley of Nomura, Sam Tyfield of Vedder Price and Citihub’s Bob Mudhar – to assess the new initiatives being adopted in the area of compliance technology.

How firms can best pull together all the necessary data they need, in order to capture, store, analyse & reconstruct trades, whether voice traded or electronic, under the new regulatory regimes?

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The Financial Applications Hub: A high-performance app store for markets

In this article, Mike O’Hara & Adam Cox speak with Rob Bath of Digital Realty, Frank Piasecki of Activ Financial Systems, Kris Peterson of AlgoSpan, Robin Mess of big xyt and Jo Moore of Optimus 5, about the Financial Applications Hub, a new initiative designed as a cloud-based "app store" for Financial Markets.

For app developers and other providers, the hub lets them become part of a growing community focused on Big Data, cloud technology and Software as a Service (SaaS). For buy-side firms, it means they can leverage and take full advantage of the new products that the community is building.

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Digital transformation - when business & technology go hand in hand

In this article, Mike O’Hara & Adam Cox speak to Andy Slight of The Test People, Chris Smith of KPMG, Jonathan Bell of DMW Group and Matt Barrett of Adaptive Consulting, about opportunities for financial services firms to undergo digital transformation, a concept some companies have thus far been slow to embrace.

The benefits are proven in other sectors, but banks and other financial firms have been cautious about adopting many of the new technologies that make transformation possible. What’s holding them back, how can they overcome those hurdles and what advantages can they expect if they do?

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Emerging markets hubs - Gateways to new venues, products and markets

In this article, Mike O’Hara & Adam Cox speak to Rob Bath of Digital Realty, Hirander Misra of GMEX Technologies, Stuart Turner of Avenir Technologies, Joseph Kitamirike of ALTX Africa Group, Kristian Schach Møller of Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa and Alisher Shernazarov of Central Asian Stock Exchange, about a radical new concept in trading: the emerging market trading hub.

By linking far-flung exchanges from a neutral site in a developed market location, can such a trading hub essentially brings the market to the liquidity rather than the other way around and revolutionise the relationship between venues and the investors who want to access them, offering significant benefits to all parties?

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Are your mobile apps up to the test?

In this article, Mike O’Hara asks Ash Gawthorp of The Test People, Daryl Elfield of KPMG, and RDavid Vincent of smartTrade to assess the testing challenges facing firms looking to deliver banking and financial services via mobile apps.

With so many of us increasingly relying on mobile devices to organise our lives, it is no surprise that banks and other financial services firms are looking at how best to use this channel to market. But to exploit new channels successfully, what factors do they need to bear in mind to ensure their mobile apps enhance the customer experience, not distract from it further.

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Adventures in the Cloud: From Capex to Opex & Beyond

In this article, Mike O’Hara & Adam Cox talks to Matt Barrett & Olivier Deheurles of Adaptive Consulting, Jan Machacek & Martin Zapletal of Cake Solutions, Rob Bath of Digital Realty, Matthew Lempriere of Telstra Global Enterprise & Services and Ray Bricknell of Behind Every Cloud about how the cloud and the use of ‘microservices’ can transform operations for financial firms, bringing greater productivity and agility without sacrificing security.

The technology may be complex, but the message is simple: the cloud and use of microservices can bring serious benefits that go well beyond reducing costs.

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In the highly inter-connected electronic trading landscape that underpins today’s financial markets, participants increasingly need to source market data from multiple trading venues reliably, consistently and at high speed. And, in the drive to satisfy their own and their clients’ requirements, firms face a number of choices regarding around technology platforms and architectures. This white paper discusses the benefits of taking a hybrid approach incorporating both hardware acceleration and high performance software.

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How to Certify & Synchronise Time in the Financial Sector

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK’s national measurement institute, and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) have carried out a proof-of-concept to assess NPLTime®, NPL’s trusted time service for its suitability in disseminating UTC traceable time, as well as providing compliance for the impending MiFID II regulation. This white paper demonstrates how the solution is perfectly placed to deliver a robust and independent timing standard to the financial sector.

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Thinking of FPGAs for Trading? Think Again!

In the competitive world of automated trading, deterministic and ultra-low latency performance is critical to business success. In this technical white paper, we share the facts that led our company to shift from developing on specialized hardware to leveraging mainstream technologies. A review of the Xeon® processor, low-latency network adapters, Linux® operating system, and software programming techniques is provided to help design an ultra-low latency solution on mainstream technology.

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